Thursday, December 9, 2010

Caitlins Camp Reflection

Last week my class and I went to Masterton for camp. When we arrived Iwent in the bus to my first activity which was cave and flying fox. I enjoyed the cave heeps because it is something I have never done before where as I have rode loads of flying foxes before but it was still awesome. The next day I made a bivvy and went for a bike ride to plant a tree.The bike ride was fun but planting a tree and making the bivvy was a bit boring. On the third day I went for a massive tramp it took aproxamately 5-6 hours I have never walked so much in my life. I didnt think I would finish it but it got easier and I did. On the last day I went rock climbing and on the ropes course they were both really cool and I would do them again. After that we all walked to the train station and were on our way home over all camp was great fun and I wish it could of been longer.




Before we left for camp I was a bit nervous,
I had never been on camp for that long but I'm
happy I went it was a great experience.

One of my favourite times was building the bivouac,
it was very fun to built.
But my absolutely favourite part was the flying fox,
it was so thrilling especially the start and going across
the river.

But sadly every story has an end.

Maddy's camp

Last week my class,Room 3 went on a camp to Masterton for 4 days.we all meet at Wellington station at 7 30-8 am,I had to have an early start in the morning.On the first day we had to get a bus out to the caves and flying fox(it wasn't a long bus ride).I like the flying fox so much i went on twice but i didn't enjoy the caves so much though.The tents were cool because I have never slept in a tent over night before so it was a good experience.On day 2 we had to move camp sites but it was only 5 min away so we just walked.That night we were bivving so half of us went on a bike ride and the other half made our bivvys.I was building my bivvy first,I made it with Patricia,Nikki,Bridgetand I.It was quite hard but it got easier after awhile.Our bivvy also won of the best girls bivvy.It was bike ride time I got my bike and helmet and waited till we will head off.I was off,it was a bumpy ride at first but then it got easier.Suddenly my chain fell off so i went slower and slower,so i had to stop and get my bike fixed so I was way behind,Icaught up though.When we got there I found out we have to plant a tree which sounded boring and it was boring.We headed back on our bikes which it felt longer than the way there.In the bivvys at night for sleep i hd a better sleep in the there than in the tents.On day 3 when i woke up i wasn't very excited because we had to do a long 5 hour tramp=( but luckily we got to go to the pool at night.We started the long tramp it wasn't tiring a first but then it got more tiring up the hills,after the first hour I didn't get tired as easy.We got to the end and I finally made it yay.We got back to camp and had a rest and got dinner before we went to the pools.The bus came to pick us up to take us to the pools.We had a really fun time at the pool, after the pool we got to go across the road to the park that was also fun.We headed back to the camp and got ready for bed but we didn't go to bed yet though.On day 4 it was our last day of camp,sad but happy at the same time.We had high ropes and low ropes first then we had rock climbing,we walked to the rope courses because it was 5 min away.The low ropes were really fun but when we got to the high ropes I was freaked out but in the end I did it,the best part was the flying fox at the end.We walked back and went to rock climbing and that was really fun my favorite part was the swing which is you are attached to a long rope and you jump off a platform and you swing and it is fun.We finally went to the train station to get on a train to go to wellinton(home) I was home and got to see my family again.

the non-camper

while room 3 was at camp I didn't get to go because my dad didn't want me to be dead. so I had to go room 8 for the week and I learned about the pasific garbage dump and I discovered new ways of reusing plastic bags.

Camp by Courtney

Hi my name is Courtney. Last week we had camp. We had activities like high ropes, low ropes, swimming, tramp, rock climbing, cave, flying fox, etc.

We had great helpers like...
Cams dad, Travis (Robbie’s uncle), Sue (Lewis’s mum) and of course Miss Warren

We had a really fun camp and it was awesome

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Camp by Adam

Last week our class went on camp. It was great. First we met at Wellington train station to catch the train to Masterton . Once we got there we caught the bus to go to do caving and flying fox I didn't want to do the flying fox but I did. I went last when every one left except for Sam.

camp by Suraj

On the 29th of November our syndicate went to camp for 3 nights. I enjoyed the swings and rock climbing and I liked tramping up the hill and the bike riding. And I planted a cabbage tree and we enjoyed camp. by Suraj Maisuria


I found Camp really fun and I thought it was a great expereince to work with the year 7's and work as a team. My favourite activities were the swing and the flying fox.

I also thought caving was very interesting because I've never been caving and it was really dark.

I was trying really hard on the tramp because I'm not it to exercise that much and I had a good time with my friends.



Last week our class went on camp and it was a great experience. We did a lot of activities and I did everything. Even though I am scared of heights I did high ropes and flying fox. The down side to camp was I didn't get a lot of sleep. I did pretty well in biking as I came fourth out of all the boys. The pools were a bit disappointing because the water slide broke but over all it was a good week.



last week i went on camp. on the first day we did the flying fox and caving .the year 8s did the flying fox first .i was 3rd down the flying fox ,at the start your stomach starts to turns.then we did the the caves. the caves were fun but a bit scary at times .
the second day we made our bevies and went on a bike ride to plant a tree.the girls got to built their bevies first because we won a competition. after the boys got bake from planting their tree.we went and planted our trees .We planted two each and then we named them on the way back it was harder than the way there because we had to ride up all the hill.
On the third day we went on a day tramp up mount holds worth we went to rocky lookout but it was only 12:00 so we went to a shelter .On the way back it was easier for some people than others.We had to go over lots of roots .
On the last day we did the high and the low ropes .The year 8s did the low ropes first we had to get all the year 8s through a large tyre. then the year 8s did the high ropes .They were more fun then the low ropes.Then we got on the bus and went to go rock climbing. the rock climbing was not really fun and that's the end of camp
by Bridget


On the 28th of November I went to camp. When I got off the train I felt a breeze of hot air and I couldn't wait to get to my first activity. When I got to the flying fox I got butterflies in my tummy but I couldn't wait to do it.
It was the same for most activities, first I would have butterflies then when I started doing it I didn't want to stop.
The thing I enjoyed the most was the high ropes (I think I was meant to live up in the trees) and the thing I disliked the most was the caving because I don't like squeezing into small places. My overall experience of camp was fun and I pushed myself to do stuff I normally wouldn't do.


Daniel's Camp reflection

I enjoyed camp and thought it was a great experience. I enjoyed the high ropes
and swing. I also liked the train ride to Masterton because I havn't been on a long train ride before. I missed my parents but not too much. The were cool because I found them challenge and thought it was cool being so high in the trees.
By Daniel

Lewis' Camp Reflection

8 days ago on November 29 we went to camp. We started with the flying fox. I went near the end because I was a bit scared but once I went I was happy.
That was when my fun began.

Even though I had a fear of heights, I did the scary stuff. I went up the high ropes, the rock-climbing walls and I went down on the swing. My parents are proud of what I and I am too. If I never did that stuff I would regret it.

The 5 hour walk was tiring. My feet hurt for ages.
When I left camp I knew I would miss it. I was happy to go and I knew I wouldn't forget it.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Last Week my class went to camp to Masterton. We were all very excited.

At Day 1, we did the Flying Fox first and i was so excited and nervous. People in my class said "Don't worry, at your first try it's scary but when you get down there, you'll wanna do it again"
It was fun, although I didn't get butterflies. After that, we did caving. I was scared because everything I hated was there! Spiders, worms, wasps and possums. And tears just ran down my face unexpectedly.

At Day 2, we packed our stuff from the tents and build our bivouacs. I was so frustrated because I couldn't pack my stuff properly. Anyway, we did biking and we planted trees. In the morning, I woke up because Dahlia said "OH hells no! who pranked me?!" She got pranked by Keegan. No one pranks a girl. So it's payback time.
At Day 3, we went on a very, very, very tiring day tramp. We were all very tired. Finally, we got to our cabins and unpacked our sleeping bags. Unexpectedly, Miss Warren announced that Travis was coming with loads of fish n' chips! Me, Caitlin, Maddy, Teagan, Oriana, Felicia and Nikki stayed in our cabins. At night, we had pudding and we went to do our duties after, when we got outside the girls and Travis had a water fight! then we settled down and went to bed. Me (Patricia), Nikki and Oriana planned to prank the boys. Unluckily, Miss Warren caught us and told us to go to bed.

At Day 4,we went to the high ropes and low ropes. At low ropes we learned how to build our teamwork. And in high ropes, I was real scared and suddenly tears ran down my face. Miss Warren, Travis, Maddy, Mrs. Brown, Caitlin, Teagan, Sofie, and Tash encourage me to do it. I was proud of myself! After that, we did rock climbing and the swing. I had a wedgy on the swing! We walked 5 mins. to the train station, and finally we travelled home!
By: Patricia


Last week was camp.
We did heeps of exciting, fun, skill building and screaming across the river. Spilunking in a deep, dark, cool caves. Putting up tents and building fires. Planting trees and creating origanal bivowaks. Playing a grousom game of Fear Factor (which i won). Tramping up one of New Zealand's most trecherous' rangers. Swimming in the refreshing waters in Masterton Pools. Rock climbing and facing our fears at the high ropes down the track from our cabins.
I had lots of fun at camp and learnt new skills that i will hope to carry through out my life.

Matt Hurnen


Hi my name is Flynn.
Camp was an experience like no other. I fronted my fears and emerged victorious. My fears included: Darkness, Heights and fast moving objects. I conquered them all. At the high ropes I was so confident I didn't realize I was up there until I came down. When I went caving I just completely let go of my fear of the dark and discovered the dark is as harmful as the light, not harmful at all. On the flying fox and swing I went so fast I didn't care how fast I go as I won't get killed. The one thing I need to work on is going 2 hrs with out food

camp 2010 room3

Camp was fantastic because we all learned something new like setting up a tent and some of us even learned how to light a fire!It was also sad for some of us because they were home sick.
We did tons of fun activities including caving,flying fox,tents,night challenges,bivvy,biking,swimming pool and high and low favourite was the caving because of the three challenges,they arethe waterless water fall climb,the sqeeze and the blind walk the sight was the glow worms the intresting thing was the temerature.


Last week we went on our school camp to Masterton where we spent 2 nights in the Mount Holdsworth camping area, one of those nights in tents and the other in bivvy's, then for the last night we moved on to the cabins at ararangi. Some of the activities included swimming, tramping, bike riding, the flying fox, rock climbing and caving. Not only did we have heaps of fun on the planned activities but we also had class games such as Fear factor and Spotlight. We a had heaps of great experiences and a lot of fun which wouldn't have happened if Miss Warren and the parents (and uncles) weren't there to supervise us (but I think they had the most fun).



On Monday the 29th November are Piwakawaka meet at Wellington train station because we were going on camp at Holdsworth. It was along train ride there it was like an elephant ride. When we got there it was a burning hot day are first activity was the flying fox and caving the year 8s were on the flying fox first I was 5Th person to go and first boy. When it was my turn I went when Sophie said go and I bolted down the wire like a speeding bullet. the next activity was the caving it went from hot to cold when we entered the cave the cave was low at first but it got higher it was awesome. After caving we went to the camp site to set up are tents I was with my Dad for the first night. The next day we were bivvy site the boys had to do a bike ride first it was hard in the hot temp we had to plant some plants then we rode back to set up are bivvys my bivvy was with Flynn and we won the best boy bivvy. When it stared to get dark some of us went to the water for a swim I was the first one in. The next day we had the tramp at first it was hard then it got easier up Mt Holdsworth after the tramp we went to Arangi. At about 6.30 we went to the pools. On the last day we did the high and low ropes they were fun I liked the high ropes. After the high and low ropes we went to a climbing wall were there was a swing it was awesome then it was time to go home.

By Cam
The picture here is of Matt on the flying fox as there was no pictures of me on the flying fox
This is of flynn and mine bivvy

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

origami sonobe ball and cube

This is some cool paper.

Lewis' Writing Sample

My Next Learning Step: Using different sentence structures.
It happened to me:

I walked along the leafy path. The trees around me were still. No movement, nothing.
I looked around and saw a lake. It was crystal green and made no movement. The lake pulled me closer. I tried to fight the urge to jump in. Then I heard it.

A cold chilling voice echoed in my head. It said...
Jump in. Touch the water.
My head turned to see who it was. No one in sight.
The voice continued to echo. I knew it wouldn't shut up unless I did it. My legs gave way. Thud! I was on my knees, beside the water.

It was taunting me. Mocking me. I put my finger forward and touched the water.

For a moment, nothing happened. I smiled. I felt this feeling flow through me. I wanted to do it again. I slowly put my hand out and touched it again. I left it in there for ages until a scaly hand shot out of the water and pulled me under.

Pool slide

Piwakawakas pool trip

On Tuesday the 26Th piwakawaka went to Porirua pool in the pool there are two pools , three spa's one of which we wont aloud in , a hydro slide and a cafe which we brought food and drinks it was fun at the pool.

The pictures will be up soon


Friday, October 29, 2010

DNA Presentation

Today we have been working with a new website: You can check out our wonderings at:

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Teagan's holiday

In the school holidays my family and I went on holiday to Singapore and Malaysia, we were away for 3 weeks. We were in Singapore for 4 days and in that time we visited Singapore zoo and Universal studios, and then when we got to Malaysia we went to Batu caves (a cave with lots of small, steep stairs), Putrajaya (a city made entirely from scratch) and the Snake and Elephant parks. One thing I enjoyed in both destinations was Chinatown, Chinatown was full of markets and stalls where the starting price was never the amount you paid, at Chinatown I bought more stuff than I will ever need . It was an awesome holiday but I am glad to come home and see my friends back here in New Zealand, it was a shock coming back to the cold weather though!


Friday, September 24, 2010

Aroha Blakeborough - student teacher

My six week placement in room 3

Wow my six weeks in room 3 has gone faster than I ever imagined. What can I say about my time in room 3? Well it has been far from boring! On my first day I was really nervous but Miss Warren and the students of room 3 were really welcoming. I have learnt heaps from Miss Warren but the students have taught me so much that it is actually quite overwhelming to think about it. What an awesome bunch of students! The students did an evaluation of my teaching and I waited nervously for their responses but I was pleasantly surprised as the students were really objective and gave me lots to think about in my future teaching. I have really enjoyed getting to know the students and some of their quirks, all of room 3 and especially Miss Warren have a great sense of humour.
I am looking forward to having a holiday but I will definitely be sad when I leave.


on Thursday 23 of September

Room 3 were visited by Ohau school from Levin who taught us oragami.
We made a 3 piece diamond, a 6 piece cube, a 12 piece sonobe and a 30 piece sonobe.
At the moment Miss Warren is making a 90 piece sonobe.
Here are some photos of our day. Thanks to Mrs Frost and the students for visiting us.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Yesterday in honour of our German learning we made Schwarzwaelderkirschtorte or in English, Black Forest Gateau. I know the students loved it because there was no accidental smearing of cream on each other because they had eaten it all. Actually there was a bit of smearing on their own faces because we did use rather a lot of whipped cream. Thanks to the Goethe Institute in Wellington for the recipe.

Here are the photos.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fonterra science roadshow

On Friday the 17Th September we had a group of people that worked for Fonterra science roadshow visit. It was the best. The pictures will be on the blog soon . The roadshow had heaps of displays and there was one display that was the best was the bed of nails. At first it hurt by having heaps of nails stabbing you in the back but the longer that you sat there the more the pain went away.

The pictures will be up soon.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

SPCA visit

This morning we had a visit from Jennifer and Sarah. Sarah is a 3-legged dog from the SPCA. The SPCA found Sarah in a garden shed covered in her own waste with a damaged knee, at a house with lots of other poorly treated animals. Sarah's knee was unfixable and so her leg needed to be amputated completely. While Jennifer was here we invited her to see our Chinchillas and she said she had never seen chinchillas before she was amazed and also very grateful for our donation from cupcake day. She also thought that our chinchillas might win the SPCA calendar competition for next year so we think we will enter.
Caitlin and Teagan

Mr Morley's Community Award

Mr Morley is our wonderful caretaker. He is a core part of our school community and he cares for the building, the teachers and the students. We think he is brilliant and Room 3 has created the Community Award in his honour. 2 of our students have interviewed him to see how he feels about it.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sports Committee

At Tawa Intermediate we have this committee called Sports Committee and they run sports events and help out at P.E. In Room3 Cam and Daniel are in Sports Committee. Daniel has just started at Sports Committee so I'm helping him by teaching him some skills to help him out at the weekly meeting. We get pushed to the limits so we are leaders at P.E. and in class. Every term we do inter class games (like K.O, Football and dodgeball). I think Sports Committee is the best.


Lewis's story

Curse those who don't listen to us!
Injury to those who hate us
DEATH to all that oppose us!

Ii read the tablet three times. These people were attacking my city. Nothing I could do would make a difference. Our city will die and its all my fault.

I was trapped in the museum.trapped by fallen rubble. I could see nothing but a golden statue of a monster.

An idea struck me. If I can't save my city I know someone or something that can....

By Lewis Brown 25/8/10

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I gazed out the fluffy white gazebo at the blue and purple night sky like a duvet with a gaping hole in it.
I hear crickets chirping their songs.
The trees dance the tango with the wind.
The glittering sand and the exhilarated sea coming in and out like a heavyweight boxer.
Finally one lone solder rises to meet the challenge of the fiery red sentry sounding the alarm.
It's springtime

Volcano story

As I walk through the streets of what used to be Pompeii , I realise what must of happened all those years ago. Back in the excact spot I am standing , I imagine watching the molten lava , rushing down the side of mount Vesuvius, crashing through towns and houses and melting every thing in its path.  I whatch every thing disappear into a cloud of smoke and a sea of lava. I'm glad i didn't live there back in 79 AD.
By Teagan


In room3 miss warren gave us some homework and one of those activities were to find at least 3 whakataukis and their meanings

Nau Te Rourou Naku Te Rourou
Your Basket And My Basket

He Toa Taumata Rau
Bravery Haas Many Resting Places

Te Toku tu Moana
The Rock Standing In The Ocean

Friday, August 13, 2010

Room 3 in print

Open Night

On Thursday night the 12th of August we had a open night for every one that will be coming next year. All the academies came together and performed, there was the band, Kapa Haka, Madrigals and then best of all Poly club!!! Che hoo!! When the band performed they sounded magnificent. Kapa preformed their beautiful songs and everybody loved it. Then the high and low voices of the school came together and sang their hearts out in Madrigal Choir. Then Poly club (the best of the night) performed and looked so beautiful in their costumes. They clapped and slapped and sounded fabulous. Also Oriana, our star of Poly club, came out and danced a beautiful Siva something called the Taupou.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


This term and next we are looking at sustainability. We have thought about what that means and this is our definition:

Sustainability is using the world's resources in a way that means they don't run out.

We have started our inquiry by looking at cause and effect. This is thinking about an event and the effects it has. Cause and effect is everywhere, in everything we do or say. Our subject was Volcanoes for our first cause and effect lesson. We read some interesting stuff about volcanoes and then completed some cause and effect graphic organisers. Some of the things we came up with are:

Pressure under the earth ---------- Volcano erupts
Volcano erupts -------------------- Lava flow destroys surroundings
Buildings are destroyed ----------- People die from poverty and disease
Eruption under the sea ------------ Tsunami
Lava flow cools ------------------- Rich soil created

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010

A visit from a Member of Parliment

Today we had a very special visit from Peter Dunne!
He is a member of the United Future party and lucky enough our class got to interview him.
We started off inviting him to meet Chocolate and Cotton, our chinchillas.
He spent time with each of them for as long as he could before moving on.
Then these were some of the questions we had to ask him!
Q1)what party are you from?
A) United Future
Q2)Have you ever won an election
A)Yes, the party has won 8 seats
Q3)Do you like your job and why?
A)Yes because its full of variety and he gets to meet lots of people and go to a lot of different places each day
Q4) What did you have to go through to get elected?
A)You have to be chosen by a political party and then elected by the people
Q5)What part of your job do you like?
A)He really enjoys meeting new people and hear what they have to say
Q6)How long have you worked for Parliament?
A)He has worked in Parliament for about 26 years now
It was really cool to have interview Peter Dunn and it was a great opportunity. Hopefully he will be back some other time!

Bye Jasmyn

Thursday, August 5, 2010


On Friday 6th of august Tayla and maddy will be heading to Weltec in petone to compete in the Maggi Kitchen Showdown and then after that we will find out who will be able to go down to christchurch to compete in the semi- final and then of to finals here we come


Monday, August 2, 2010

IKAN Numeracy Results

Last week students were given the IKAN test (details can be found on which is designed to test number knowledge. The results below are Daniel's and show that he is performing well above the expected level for a year 7.

 Now Felicia didn't try quite so hard on her test and this is her result:
Felicia resat the test a few days later with a better attitude and look at her results now:

Lesson learned: try your best and you will always perform better than you think.

Class merits

I'm caleb and I got a class merit for term 2 for being a good contributor in class and bringing in my homework on time, all the time.

I'm Catlin and I got a class merit because I did excellent school and home work.

I'm Adam and I got a class merit because am more positive about my learning this term.

Now finally me, Oriana. I got a class merit because... I was awesome in the Pasifica night and I've been doing better in my reading. 

Monday, July 26, 2010


We have been studying limericks this week by Edward Lear. Limericks are a 5 line poem and you have to make sure that:
Lines 1, 2, 5 rhyme
Lines 3 and 4 rhyme
The rythym is always the same

Our favourites were:

There was a young lady named Cait
Who went to the shops and bought bait
She went with her man
And her kids in a van
O that lovely young lady named Cait

There was a young nman called Sam
Who went to his Dad's to buy ham
He went miles and miles
And ended up in piles
O that poor old lad named Sam

There was a young girl with a braid
Who all she did was played
One day she got tired
And her boss got her fired
So she no longer wears a braid

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

'Cotton' the chinchilla

Cotton is our new female chinchilla. She is quite bigger than chocolate and her skin colour is lighter than his too. She acts really calm around people and is a sleepy
head. She lives in the same cage as Chocolate. Whenever we check on her she is always sleeping. Do not squeeze her or else she will bite and spit at you ! She doesn't like heaps of people around her. Well thats all you should know about her, photos to follow tomorrow.

By Felicia