Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chocolate the Chinchilla

Kia Ora

Well, after a lot of debate our chinchilla is now officially named Chocolate. The idea is that when we get a female we can call her vanilla and then have lots of ice cream babies (!). Or maybe one step at a time. Chocolate likes bouncing around our classroom but will only go to students who are sitting calmly and quietly. This is a bit difficult for some people in room 3 as they are so excited to meet Chocolate. We presented him officially to the school in assembly today - only by photo presentation as he was too busy eating a peanut to attend. Everyone else is driving their teachers crazy asking to have one for their room so I am not very popular in the staff room (oops).

Attached are some more photos of Chocolate in action.

Miss W

1 comment:

Jack said...

Chocolate? Bouncing? You're having a laugh!

I've tried it. Bar of Galaxy Milk.

It just went'THUD' when I tried to bounce it.

What's a chinchilla?

Jack (Miss Warrens Mums Husband)