Tuesday, February 2, 2010

First Day

Today was the first day it was really cool. Our teacher is Miss Warren and she is really fun. Right now we are making stamps (one of Miss Warren's fun ideas). Once we have finished making them some of us are going to get them made into REAL stamps we can use on letters. Also today we started a game year 7 vs year 8 it's like badminton but with a ballon and a spelling twist. It's almost home time we are about to play silent ball.Bye


carolynstuart said...

Hi Room 3
I am really glad you have ahd a fun first day. i am lookign forward o popping in and seeing you all tomorrow.

carolynstuart said...

And I really need to work on my spelling and editing skills. Does anyone know if you can edit a post once you've submitted it?

Manaiakalani said...

Great to see you posting Room 3. I am from Pt England School in Auckland and I enjoyed seeing another Intermediate blog we can follow.
To Mrs Stuart, if your comment goes wrong, this is what I do.... copy what I wrote, delete the comment (use the trash bucket icon), then start a new comment and paste in what I wrote and edit it.
Easier to check it the first time round but I never learn!!
We have two Year 7 blogs at Pt England School:
Mrs Burt