Friday, February 19, 2010

friday 19 of feb

Today we were celebrating our 3 week of school by doing literacy and numeracy it was really hard i found it confusing and really difficult but i liked it.It was really fun though Mrs warren is really fun and a real cool teacher i love Mrs warren oh i forgot room 3 ROCKS


Twe did lots of things like literacy and numeracy. during the midddle block we changed our desk group and i am sitting by Haley. in the afternoon we did this thing called judge Warren , were it was the year 8 v year 7 and the year 8s won , it was an argue between having the chocolate fountain or not and in the end we did not get it out.
by Maddy

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Jack Towl said...

Here Come De Judge!
Here Come De Judge!

Oh forget it.

You are all too young to remember that.