Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Classmate

Hello, today we had an exciting addition to our class. This is our baby chinchilla. He is 3 months old and gorgeous. His temporary name (we are still debating his official title) is Vanilla Geoffery. He will live in our back room and visit the homes of students at weekends and holidays. Our plan is to learn about taking care of animals, the benefits of having pets in our lives and being responsible for the care of another living being. Vanilla is already proving to be a good jumper and has hopped around our class several times. He only seems to like students who are calm and quiet and will sit on your shoulder to chat to you. We will post more photos and information once he has settled in and, most importantly, we have decided on his name!

Miss W.

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Amanda said...

I think Vanilla Geoffery is a great name. You must remember to keep the windows closed when he is jumping about. How many chinchillas are there in New Zealand? You will have to keep an eye on Miss Warren, last time she had a chinchilla she thought it was so good she bought another one.

Miss Warren's Mum