Friday, February 12, 2010

Norms by Caitlin

In our school we have some norms.
They are honesty, respect, caring, protection and fairness.
We have these norms so we can become a better school and have positive behaviour.
Here are some of the words and sentences that describe all the norms.
Honesty:Tell someone if something happens.
Don't lie.
If you have done something wrong, be honest and come forward.
Respect:Listen, manner, don't talk.
Caring:Caring is being kind to each other.
Caring is treating others the way you feel.
Caring is being kind to the environment.
Protection:Standing up for others.
Taking care of other peoples stuff.
Looking after the environment.
Fairness:Be kind, be friendly, support each other.
The most important norm to me is caring because if you care for people you make lots of new friends and when you make lots of new friends you're happy!:)

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Prue, How, Joseph, Maddy said...

That is so cool Caitlin, you are so right about caring