Friday, March 26, 2010

Miss Warren's review

So, we are nearly at the end of our first term this year and it has been a crazy, brilliant and wonderful 9 weeks. I am so thrilled to be working with such an amazing bunch of students. And how much have we achieved so far? Loads is the simple answer. We are not slowing down either. Just this week alone we have had lots of visitors and classes looking at our blog and the work we are doing in Room 3.

Today we have been working on metaphors and I thought I would save the best to post over the holidays so there will be something here everyday. However, I might not include the one written about me and a hippo (slip of the tongue apparently!). For your entertainment this weekend, though, I can proudly show you the pictures from our first fashion show. Students had a roll of sellotape, newspaper and 15 minutes to make a dress. The winner was Jasmyn's team who not only managed a dress but accessories as well. Well done team.

Maddy's Blog

Some fun activities to try out - Jasmyn

Taxi Rush - Drive your taxi without crashing

Pac-Man - Chomp your way through the maze

The Idiot Test - Find out how much of an idiot are you

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lewis and Sam adopt a pet

We found a new website called super poke pets. This website lets you adopt a virtual pet and we signed the class up for a account. We have a pet dragon named Vanilla. The website is room 3 kids use our login.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Save Our National Parks

John Key has decided that he is going to open up some of our national parks for mining. New Zealanders like myself think this is insane because NZ is supposed to be untouched and beautiful, but how can we enjoy our country if it’s covered in mining gear. The government is making a bit of sense by saying it going to make lots money but even if we make billions of dollars we cannot undo this. We made a similar mistake years ago when we burnt down Karori for farming but it turned out that it was to steep and couldn’t farm so it all when to waste. It took hundreds years to grow back and it is going to be the same with this so please write letters to John Key to try and stop this. S.O.N.P!

By Daniel Smith

Friday, March 19, 2010

Chocolate and his tube

Here are some really cute pictures of Chocolate the chinchilla in his cardboard tube, he has even worked out how to spiral down the tube (like a secret agent chinchilla)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Room 3s slideshow

This is our slidshow of room3 working hard in class
It also involves our teacher Miss Warren and Chocolate!
this is the first slideshow with all of us in it so its the best
Hope you enjoy it!!

Eve and Jasmyn


Cheek out our new gadet called a mixpod. It plays music and videos.By Caleb. For it to work simply click play and to watch the next video click the arrow. By Daniel
Hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chocolate the Chinchilla

Chocolate is our chinchilla. He is a South American rodent with the densest fur of any animal in the world. Please do not refer to him as a hairy rat as he is easily offended. Chinchillas have great characters. They are playful, can jump and will happily sit on your shoulder or help you type. They are extremely inquisitive and Chocolate will often dip his nose into my cup of tea in the mornings. Like all rodents they have to use their teeth constantly to wear them down so Chocolate can be a little naughty and has already sliced through the telephone wire in my room (please don't tell the boss). Chocolate loves being with the students and we have several who are experts and can catch him when he gets loose. They can also be quite grumpy, especially when they are woken up (bit like me). Then they will bark or spit at you, but we don't take it personally. Students take Chocolate home at the weekend and usually let him loose in the bathroom where he can't get into much trouble. They are always surprised by the amount of noise he makes at night when he is bouncing around his cage. We love Chocolate and we are looking for a lady friend for him.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Trip to Wellington

Yesterday we went with our syndicate to Wellington to visit Te Papa (our national museum) and the Museum of City and Sea. This was to tie into our school wide topic of Citizenship. We were looking at the Passport exhibition in Te Papa which gave lots of interesting information about migration to NZ. At the Museum of City and Sea we saw lots of history and stories about people coming to NZ. We finished off with a visit to Frank Kitts Park and played 'How many people can we fit onto the slide?'.

Luckily we got home before the mini-tornado hit the city, which was a huge relief. Read about it here It was totally amazing, hope I never see a full blown tornado!

Hope you like our slideshow.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Room 3 Stamps

Our class have been making stamps which looked totally awesome. In these stamps there were four sections that we had to complete. In the first and second section we had to draw things that we liked to do or just something about us. Then in the last two sections we had to do one on our class [room3], and one about our school [Tawa Intermediate]. If we wanted our stamps printed in to real stamps, we could. We were having votes on the class one and the one that got to be the class stamp was Teagan’s one. Yesterday we presented a set of stamps to our Principal, Mrs Stuart for the school to have.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Learning German

We have been learning 1-10 in German. To help us we have come up with our own reminder.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Key Competencies

Key Competencies are the skills which we all need to be successful in life. Room 3 has been working on defining these skills and now we are going to set goals so we can improve them.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I am working at making my writing more interesting. Here is my story.

Most kids would die in a car crash or die of a sickness. I got eaten by a shark.

I was swimming in the sea, dipping and diving underwater. My family was on the beach packing the car to go home. I stayed in the sea. My mum called to me.
"Charlie, time to come in".I should have listened, as I kept swimming a shark zoomed by. It circled me and tugged on my leg. I squirmed to get away, it had other plans.

Falling into the hole of darkness was the easy part. You will hear the hard part soon. I sat there thinking about my family, I heard their cries as I fell in the mouth.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Tuesday 2nd march
Another day of school, like the usual we did our subjects
Maths, Reading, PE and now we are doing our 10 minutes quiet activities.
Maths was hard! Haley and i went down to the library to do it! after a little bit of thinking we got it and finished it!
Reading unlike any other day i went on the computer! It was fun but a little hard some of the questions they asked!
P.E. was really fun! the year8 girls went on high jump! I wasn't very good but Haley and Kadi-Eve did really good!
I've just been watching our room 3's got talent movie which Cam is working very hard on. Hopefully it will be up for us to view very soon!

got to go now bye!!

Monday, March 1, 2010


Today me and Maddy have been writing a letter to 'The Animals in schools Education trust' inviting them to come in to our classroom and see Chocolate because they don't have anything in their book on how to take care of animals in schools about Chinchillas. I had Chocolate at my house over the weekend and he was almost always sleeping through the day and bouncing off the cage walls all night. Today in class we were at spec in the morning, and for spec Im in woodwork, we are working on circuits, then after morning tea we had a basic facts test and we did some maths,then to finish off the day after lunch we had Free writing and P.E.