Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chocolate the Chinchilla

Chocolate is our chinchilla. He is a South American rodent with the densest fur of any animal in the world. Please do not refer to him as a hairy rat as he is easily offended. Chinchillas have great characters. They are playful, can jump and will happily sit on your shoulder or help you type. They are extremely inquisitive and Chocolate will often dip his nose into my cup of tea in the mornings. Like all rodents they have to use their teeth constantly to wear them down so Chocolate can be a little naughty and has already sliced through the telephone wire in my room (please don't tell the boss). Chocolate loves being with the students and we have several who are experts and can catch him when he gets loose. They can also be quite grumpy, especially when they are woken up (bit like me). Then they will bark or spit at you, but we don't take it personally. Students take Chocolate home at the weekend and usually let him loose in the bathroom where he can't get into much trouble. They are always surprised by the amount of noise he makes at night when he is bouncing around his cage. We love Chocolate and we are looking for a lady friend for him.

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