Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Tuesday 2nd march
Another day of school, like the usual we did our subjects
Maths, Reading, PE and now we are doing our 10 minutes quiet activities.
Maths was hard! Haley and i went down to the library to do it! after a little bit of thinking we got it and finished it!
Reading unlike any other day i went on the computer! It was fun but a little hard some of the questions they asked!
P.E. was really fun! the year8 girls went on high jump! I wasn't very good but Haley and Kadi-Eve did really good!
I've just been watching our room 3's got talent movie which Cam is working very hard on. Hopefully it will be up for us to view very soon!

got to go now bye!!


Melville Intermediate, Hamilton said...

Room Three and Jasmyn! Obviously if you are having High Jump you are doing Athletics at the moment. In Hamilton we finish the year with Athletics so our students are busy preparing for the main term one sport which is touch! I think its great that you have started uploading photographs to slide! Its really easy to do, as I am sure you have found, and its interesting that you choose to put music on it, we used to on our class until we found it a bit loud so we switch it off when creating the slideshows! We will be looking at your class blog tomorrow and discussing it, and we'd love to connect with your class by skype at some point too.
Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato.

Eve said...

soo wish i could have been there but i was sick :( poor me lol
i have to go coz im about 2 vomit

xoxo love you jazz n haley