Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I am working at making my writing more interesting. Here is my story.

Most kids would die in a car crash or die of a sickness. I got eaten by a shark.

I was swimming in the sea, dipping and diving underwater. My family was on the beach packing the car to go home. I stayed in the sea. My mum called to me.
"Charlie, time to come in".I should have listened, as I kept swimming a shark zoomed by. It circled me and tugged on my leg. I squirmed to get away, it had other plans.

Falling into the hole of darkness was the easy part. You will hear the hard part soon. I sat there thinking about my family, I heard their cries as I fell in the mouth.

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Barbara Sakamoto said...

Oh, my! What an amazing imagination you have. I like to snorkel, and often wonder what I would do if a shark came near me--I hope one never does, or else I will remember your story!

I look forward to reading your second part to find out what happens next...