Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Piwakawaka Mini Film Festival by Matt

This term Piwakawaka syndicate is doing a Mini Film Festival for team building. We have a couple of producers such as Matthew Hurnen, Lewis Brown and Stuart Wheeler. These brave students are taking all the pressure and stress of making a film festival work. Matthew Hurnen came up with the idea on Easter Sunday when he was coming back home from Foxton with his family, he was remembering back when he was talking to his friend Sam about the Mini Film Festival that his primary school had. Matt had came up with many ideas and he went to find sponsors before he got the "go ahead" he got many sponsors such as Reading Cinemas, Weta Workshop, Radio NZ, New Zealand Film Industry etc. The Radio NZ wasn't able to sponsor us much but they gave us post cards. The Weta Workshop sponsored the most amazing prize, it was a big sculpture of the Native Islanders of Scull Island on King Kong. I am waiting to hear back from what Reading Cinemas and I will still search for more sponsors. There are 3 categories-Documentary, Mock-umentary and comedy. We came up with many categories the first were comedy, drama and romantic then Miss Warren went and talked to the Principal about it and she said it should be about school so that's where the Documentary and Mock-umentary came along. Matt and Lewis came up with many ideas for the third category there were musical, action etc but comedy was the best idea. The P.M.F.F. night will be on week 9 on Wednesday or Thursday and we will be selling tickets on Monday to Thursday week 8. The night will be very fun and there are 2 hosts Matthew Hurnen and Lewis Brown.
there are no teachers involved so the students can run wild LOL jokes. The whole thing is being put together by students to give it a creative view.

By Matthew Hurnen


GGoldfinch said...

Wow! This sounds amazing. I look forward to hearing more about this during the term.

Miss Speedy said...

Awesome! I can't wait to watch. If the students are doing all the work does this mean Miss Warren can go on a holiday? :-)

India said...

Hey matt some people in rm 1 aren't doing it like most people aren't only maybe 10-15 people are.