Sunday, May 30, 2010

Coming to a vet surgery near you

We have been asked to contribute to a pet magazine which is distributed to all vet surgeries in NZ. The class has been writing about Chocolate our chinchilla and this Wednesday a reporter and photographer are visiting us (well Chocolate really) to choose some work and take some photographs. This term students have been working on making their writing more interesting by including language features like metaphor, simile and exciting adjectives. With this in mind students have written their contributions to the magazine and some examples are below. We will, of course, let you know when we get published.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Chocolate the Chinchilla


My name is Chocolate I live in a cage
I find it fun to chew on a page
I crash and bash through the night
Wondering why I gave you a fright
I am as fast as a rocket
Like I've been plugged into an electrical socket
I love a bath in the dust
I think you know that I must
I spring around on the ground
Making sure I make no sound
I have some tricks of my own
As I'm alone I moan and groan
My coat is very much like silk
I think you know I must drink milk
I hold food in my hands
Curious why I live on land
My tail fluffs out like a fan
I think I want to eat a van

By Caitlin Shilling

Chocolate the Chinchilla poem by Lewis

Miss Warren went to the pet store,
looking for a class pet.
She saw a bunch of animals,
and this is who she met.

A lot of tiny puppies
climbing up the cage.
She also saw some guinea pigs,
tinkling on a page.

She saw nothing she wanted,
so she wanted to get some dinner,
but as she was about to leave
she saw Chocolate the chinchilla.

He does a lot of climbing,
he sometimes does a poo.
But when he makes a barking noise,
we don't know what to do.

He is really cute,
but Lewis the awesome guy.
Is sometimes scared of him,
We don't know what to do.

The chinchilla's really great,
we are glad it's not a rabbit.
Now there might be a female coming,
We really have to have it.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fun run

Hi all

On Wednesday the 12th we did the fun run. It's when you have to do at least 6 laps around Tawa College top field. 6 laps is the same as 5km. Each class had their own theme, our theme was babies. The highest number of laps in our class was 12 and that was Cam, Flynn and Josie. It was fun and for some people it was easy. Now we have to get the money that we got from people that supported us.

Sports Committee - Cam

Friday, May 21, 2010

My name is meth

In class we are doing the DARE programme which is Drugs and Alcohol Resistance Education. Here is Jasmyn's poem in response to what she has learned.

Hey my friend h
how are you
you don't know me
here's what I do
I break up families
I tear apart homes
I make you crazy this you don't know
I make you steal
you cheat and lie
all for me
most ask why
they try to change you
more than me
but all you do is
what you see
you scratch all day
your body's itchy
but what your scratching
is nothing twitching
I've changed your life
and they warned you 1st
but you still chose to take me with thrill and burst
who am I you don't know
my name is meth
but for other people
I'm the doorway to death!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Keegan's Poem


In class we read a story about Anne Frank which made us want to learn more about the Holocaust. Today some people looked at stories about some of the children (other than Anne Frank) that died in the Holocaust(World War 2). We also looked at some of the Holocaust memorials like The Auchwitz concentration camp and the subway station with the marble in it from Hitler's office in it. We think it's awful, the things Hitler did and we hope it never happens again.


Learning about the Holocaust

Friday, May 14, 2010


In reading we have been learning about numerous things including our novel study which is so fun. In novel study we got to choose our own books to read. I'm reading numbskulls. It's about a boy who feels left out of his family and sorts out his problems with a girl named Alice Pepper. Doing the novel study it really gets you to think about the book. I think the learning for this is getting you to understand what the writter is trying to say.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Student Court Update

Twice a week we hold a class court where students can raise any issues, concerns or suggestions. We debate the ideas and then vote on anything we want to change in our class. This is what we have come up with so far.

* Students must let others in to the class before and during school
* Students must wash their hands thoroughly after going to the toilet
* We will not have a roster for taking care of the chinchilla
* There will be one week this term with no homework
* Students will not touch other people's guitars in the back room
* Students will be responsible for tidying up their group's area at the end of the day so they don't have to wait behind after the bell for other people

Students are able to bring up any issue they have and we have all agreed to be kind to each other so we can make our class the best it can be.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Student say !

Last week,a group of students went out of the class and made a list of what we can do to make our class room funner and the things that need to be changed.Some of the things on the list were that some people think that the work that we get in our class is too hard or not fun enough.Our teacher Ms Warren had a talk with that group and was grateful to the students because they told the truth without being mean about it.Later on that day the group talked about it to the whole class, the class had their say and opinions about the topic and then the next week on Monday the whole class did an activity called 'Judge Warren' and that's where the students can say anything that they want to happen in our class and they can't get told of about it. The whole class came to an agreement and now the work has been changed,the desk arrangement has been swapped around and now the class is happy with everything that is going on.

Haley Tapa