Friday, May 21, 2010

My name is meth

In class we are doing the DARE programme which is Drugs and Alcohol Resistance Education. Here is Jasmyn's poem in response to what she has learned.

Hey my friend h
how are you
you don't know me
here's what I do
I break up families
I tear apart homes
I make you crazy this you don't know
I make you steal
you cheat and lie
all for me
most ask why
they try to change you
more than me
but all you do is
what you see
you scratch all day
your body's itchy
but what your scratching
is nothing twitching
I've changed your life
and they warned you 1st
but you still chose to take me with thrill and burst
who am I you don't know
my name is meth
but for other people
I'm the doorway to death!


1 comment:

Mr Rickard said...

Great work Jasmyn, a powerful message about a really important subject.