Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Student say !

Last week,a group of students went out of the class and made a list of what we can do to make our class room funner and the things that need to be changed.Some of the things on the list were that some people think that the work that we get in our class is too hard or not fun enough.Our teacher Ms Warren had a talk with that group and was grateful to the students because they told the truth without being mean about it.Later on that day the group talked about it to the whole class, the class had their say and opinions about the topic and then the next week on Monday the whole class did an activity called 'Judge Warren' and that's where the students can say anything that they want to happen in our class and they can't get told of about it. The whole class came to an agreement and now the work has been changed,the desk arrangement has been swapped around and now the class is happy with everything that is going on.

Haley Tapa

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