Monday, June 28, 2010

Hurricaine Katrina writing

The boy sits on what was once his home, devastated that such a force could take everything he owned and turn it into the rubble that surrounds him. All feelings of safety, reassurance, happiness and comfort is washed away with his town, his garden, his street, his home.
Abandoned, devastated, crushed, destroyed, disheartened, forgotten, smashed. Alone in a world of fear

By Daniel

Lewis' Hurricane Katrina Writing

WALT: Use descriptive language.

I am falling. My emotions are attacking my insides, bursting to get out. I watch my teddy bear slide off the broken door into the watery grave. My skin is cold. I can feel Jack Frost climbing up my bare arms. My house is dead. The wood is in a pile on the top of the poisoned water. I can feel my heart breaking. I am about to give out. Tears fall out of my eyes.

Patricia's Hurricaine Katrina writing

This made me feel really sorry for the boy in the picture because I've experienced it. Well the part when all the houses were blown away into pieces. We had a storm in the Philippines, and the storm was 'Milenyo' and it was just devastating, my favourite mango tree.. gone.. It fell because of the strong hurricane! I felt hopeless. There wasn't any electricity for a week, half of our roof was blown away. We thought this is the end, I was looking outside. The wind was screaming. Rooves, trees and cars were blown away. I was really scared. But luckily we survived. Hundreds and thousands of people died. I'm happy I survived.

Hurricaine Katrina writing

In room 3 we have been doing descriptive writing. we were given a photo of a boy sitting on rubble and had to make some writing about it and here's some examples.

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Poly night

On Wednesday night all the children gathered together at the school hall ready to peform. We waited outside until we could hear the drum beat, then as the drums started we jogged in wearing our beautiful costumes. We got up on the stage and moved into the Cook Island dance, didn't we look awesome? Then we sat down and started the Sasa. The Meanage boys got up and did their slap dance. They looked funny when they were doing the 'Who let the dogs out?' dance. Then we moved into the song Ie lavalava. As we were singing Oriana from room 3 came out from the side in her wonderful, beautiful costume and she did her little siva to the beautful sound of our voices. We had so much fun peforming for our parents and all the teachers that were there. That night we also got our cultural merits. We want to say a big thank you to Miss Brookie, Lasi and Andrew for taking the time to teach us these cool moves. So people you should really join Poly next year its heaps of fun!!!!
by Oriana and Nikki

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Alien invasion - A recount by Flynn

Yesterday aliens invaded. They tore our streets in half, inside and out. They shot a ray gun at me, it got me, I only just survived and this is my story.
Tseeew. Tseeew. Eekw. Eekw. Iam a alien and my name is !@#$%. If you didn't see it, it said Peter. This is my army of aliens. This is Zorx, he said. Klax, Verx, Pilx, Telx and Josh. Zorx leads the butter fingers to victory every time and has killed heroes such as Cptn America, Spider man, The Hulk and Wolverine. Klax does not know how to count. The supermarket was the only place aliens destroyed. Why, I just don't know. Supplies were brought in from local ninjas, jedis and bakugan battle brawlers. Every one died except for me.
I am the Terminator and I killed all the aliens with a flamethrower.
By Flynn, King of the universe.(And Freds food shops in town). :)


In room3 the students have been working very hard on making fractals like Sierpinski's Triangle and Koch's Snowflakes .Every student in our class have worked very hard on making cool Koch's Snowflakes. They look totally awesome. We just put them up on our walls and they look BEAUTIFUL.

By Oriana

Fractals are a shape repeated over and over again. They are flipped, rotated and made smaller and larger. They were designed by a French dude maths called Mandelbrot. He wanted to measure the coast of Britain but didn't know how to so he made them up.

By Daniel

Stay tuned for the photos

Monday, June 21, 2010

Niah's creative writing.

My next learning step is to write personal voice.

I walk into the school hall as the music is pumping and my heart is dancing to the beat.I sit on the couch with my friends, we all stay quiet as if we didn't know each.I'm wondering if i should say something or just keep quiet.I say something, no reply,i wonder whats wrong.Is it me or are they just tired,I'm nervous.I leave to go get a pizza,i come back they're all gone i look everywhere then i see them dancing and jumping around like a bundle of springs.I go up to my cousin and ask him whats wrong,he said he had a fight than a random dude came up to us and said "You Betta watch you back", we both freeze.I look at him,He kicks the tree as the tree cry as the leaves are falling down.I asked him if he wanted to go home, he said "yeah might as well"So we walked all the to his house and he saw a letter on his kitchen table saying his parents are coming home tomorrow.So i asked him if hes going to be OK by himself.I sorry for him so i stayed the night.

Lewis' Creative Writing

My next learning step is to write personal voice.

The flock of griffins were following behind. Twig was looping through the trees. We flew into the drawbridge that was surrounded by a moat. A whole lot of other griffins crashed through the window. Green crystal glass fell everywhere. The talons of one was covered in glass. We were here. Ravens castle.

It was bigger than any castle in London. It made Hogwarts look like a tool shed.
There was crystal everywhere. It shone on the walls and decorated the furniture.
"Wow" I whispered.
All it took was a faint whisper to turn our lives to custard.

My whisper echoed through the hall. It flowed through every room. Twigs eleven foot wing hit my head.
"Hey!" I quickly blocked my mouth, but it was to late.
Four heavy armed knights had found us.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


You know when you get those emails? The ones that say win a trip to somewhere fantastic just by telling us what you think. Well we answered one and we have won a trip to Wellington Zoo for an end of term treat. I think I might be even more excited than my class (who made so much noise when we found out this morning that 3 other classes came to see what was wrong). We might get to see the tawny frogmouth!! This is our entry - the question being 'Why do you deserve a trip to the Zoo?'

I am the teacher in Room 3, Tawa Intermediate School and we think we deserve a trip to the zoo. I asked my students why and this is what they came up with:

Lewis Brown:
We love animals, especially exotic ones. We have a class pet, a chinchilla. We are very proud of him and are the most organised class in the school so we can take proper care of him.

Maddy Arnold:
We also would like to see other animals at the Zoo and know what they do and what you have to do to keep them healthy.

Flynn Aupa'au
We have class pet. It is a Chinchilla named chocolate who originates way in south America and that is why he doesn’t hibernate. Our class though is a group of MONKEYS!!!

In our class discussion about visiting the zoo the students told me they would love to see other animals from South America that might be related to our chinchilla. The students take full responsibility for our chinchilla and every one of them knows how to care for him properly. We have been visited by the care in schools group and they were so impressed by our work on producing a care sheet that it is going on their website. My class has worked so hard at this project that they deserve a treat and I think a visit to the zoo would be ideal. You can read more about our chinchilla at and attached is the care sheet students produced.

Best regards

Imogen Warren

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Geometry is FUN!

In the next few weeks we are studying geometry. We are looking at different shapes and how we can make new shapes by using rotation, enlargement and reflection. Our theme is fractals. Fractals is a word invented by a French mathmatician Mandelbrot who was trying to find a way to measure the coast of Great Britain but got stuck with all the little curves and twists. He thought it would be easier to measure it using mathmatical theory and made up the word 'fractal' because he thought all the numbers he would need to measure the jagged bits would look fractured. This was in the 1960s and he had to wait until computers were in wide use before he could produce images that reflected these fractals. But you can also see these crazy shapes in nature - just look for the same shape repeated over and over again in different positions and size. The best example in NZ is the fern. We will be making our own fractals but until we can get them online then have a look at these examples.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Maggi Intermediate kitchen showdown

On Wednesday Tayla, Lawrence, India and I (Maddy) did our cooking competition and we cooked our Chicken and Vegetable Risotto stack. The Maggi crew came to film us cooking but before they did, that they had to some different filming shots. It took us like 5 takes for each one and we had so many bloopers. We had to go up in front of part of the school before Jungle Bungle (a play). They introduced us and the competition to the school. Part of the of the Maggi Crew came up in front of the school and told them to vote for us. Then we went back to the foods room and started doing our cooking for the camera. They didn't film the whole time and we were cooking only the main parts.
Our video is going to be up on the website on the 1st of July.
Remember vote for us

by maddy

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Room 3 in the news again!

The Wellington paper (The Dominion Post) has got wind of our exotic pet, Chocolate the Chinchilla.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Trying to be clever

Today I am trying to link our Blog to twitter and facebook.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Moriah school slide show

By Daniel and Caleb

Moriah school trip

On Friday the 28th of May Caleb Catlin Teagan and I went to Moriah School. It is a Jewish school in the middle of Wellington City. The school is underneath the synagogue, the Jewish version of a church. We went there to present them with 1381 buttons. We got a tour of the school and got to see their gigantic button collection. It was huge, they had a total of over 1.4 million buttons. The school has been collecting buttons for over two years. They are collecting one button for every child that died in the holocaust. 1.5 million children 1.5 million buttons to collect. They are making memorials with the buttons. Some of the memorials look really cool. Also a Holocaust memorial is being made in Wellington and the buttons will be used for that.

By Daniel

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cross Country

On Monday the 31 May we ran the cross country. It was easier then the fun run at 2.28km. One person in our class came 19th. That was Flynn and he is a year 7 boy. Cam came 25th in the year 8 boys race. the pictures will be up soon

Sports person Cam