Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Alien invasion - A recount by Flynn

Yesterday aliens invaded. They tore our streets in half, inside and out. They shot a ray gun at me, it got me, I only just survived and this is my story.
Tseeew. Tseeew. Eekw. Eekw. Iam a alien and my name is !@#$%. If you didn't see it, it said Peter. This is my army of aliens. This is Zorx, he said. Klax, Verx, Pilx, Telx and Josh. Zorx leads the butter fingers to victory every time and has killed heroes such as Cptn America, Spider man, The Hulk and Wolverine. Klax does not know how to count. The supermarket was the only place aliens destroyed. Why, I just don't know. Supplies were brought in from local ninjas, jedis and bakugan battle brawlers. Every one died except for me.
I am the Terminator and I killed all the aliens with a flamethrower.
By Flynn, King of the universe.(And Freds food shops in town). :)

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