Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Geometry is FUN!

In the next few weeks we are studying geometry. We are looking at different shapes and how we can make new shapes by using rotation, enlargement and reflection. Our theme is fractals. Fractals is a word invented by a French mathmatician Mandelbrot who was trying to find a way to measure the coast of Great Britain but got stuck with all the little curves and twists. He thought it would be easier to measure it using mathmatical theory and made up the word 'fractal' because he thought all the numbers he would need to measure the jagged bits would look fractured. This was in the 1960s and he had to wait until computers were in wide use before he could produce images that reflected these fractals. But you can also see these crazy shapes in nature - just look for the same shape repeated over and over again in different positions and size. The best example in NZ is the fern. We will be making our own fractals but until we can get them online then have a look at these examples.

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