Monday, June 21, 2010

Lewis' Creative Writing

My next learning step is to write personal voice.

The flock of griffins were following behind. Twig was looping through the trees. We flew into the drawbridge that was surrounded by a moat. A whole lot of other griffins crashed through the window. Green crystal glass fell everywhere. The talons of one was covered in glass. We were here. Ravens castle.

It was bigger than any castle in London. It made Hogwarts look like a tool shed.
There was crystal everywhere. It shone on the walls and decorated the furniture.
"Wow" I whispered.
All it took was a faint whisper to turn our lives to custard.

My whisper echoed through the hall. It flowed through every room. Twigs eleven foot wing hit my head.
"Hey!" I quickly blocked my mouth, but it was to late.
Four heavy armed knights had found us.

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