Friday, June 4, 2010

Moriah school trip

On Friday the 28th of May Caleb Catlin Teagan and I went to Moriah School. It is a Jewish school in the middle of Wellington City. The school is underneath the synagogue, the Jewish version of a church. We went there to present them with 1381 buttons. We got a tour of the school and got to see their gigantic button collection. It was huge, they had a total of over 1.4 million buttons. The school has been collecting buttons for over two years. They are collecting one button for every child that died in the holocaust. 1.5 million children 1.5 million buttons to collect. They are making memorials with the buttons. Some of the memorials look really cool. Also a Holocaust memorial is being made in Wellington and the buttons will be used for that.

By Daniel

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Prue, How, Joseph, Maddy said...

Thats so awesome, I read about the buttons and am pleased to see you visited