Monday, June 21, 2010

Niah's creative writing.

My next learning step is to write personal voice.

I walk into the school hall as the music is pumping and my heart is dancing to the beat.I sit on the couch with my friends, we all stay quiet as if we didn't know each.I'm wondering if i should say something or just keep quiet.I say something, no reply,i wonder whats wrong.Is it me or are they just tired,I'm nervous.I leave to go get a pizza,i come back they're all gone i look everywhere then i see them dancing and jumping around like a bundle of springs.I go up to my cousin and ask him whats wrong,he said he had a fight than a random dude came up to us and said "You Betta watch you back", we both freeze.I look at him,He kicks the tree as the tree cry as the leaves are falling down.I asked him if he wanted to go home, he said "yeah might as well"So we walked all the to his house and he saw a letter on his kitchen table saying his parents are coming home tomorrow.So i asked him if hes going to be OK by himself.I sorry for him so i stayed the night.

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