Friday, June 25, 2010

The Poly night

On Wednesday night all the children gathered together at the school hall ready to peform. We waited outside until we could hear the drum beat, then as the drums started we jogged in wearing our beautiful costumes. We got up on the stage and moved into the Cook Island dance, didn't we look awesome? Then we sat down and started the Sasa. The Meanage boys got up and did their slap dance. They looked funny when they were doing the 'Who let the dogs out?' dance. Then we moved into the song Ie lavalava. As we were singing Oriana from room 3 came out from the side in her wonderful, beautiful costume and she did her little siva to the beautful sound of our voices. We had so much fun peforming for our parents and all the teachers that were there. That night we also got our cultural merits. We want to say a big thank you to Miss Brookie, Lasi and Andrew for taking the time to teach us these cool moves. So people you should really join Poly next year its heaps of fun!!!!
by Oriana and Nikki

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Anonymous said...

I was so proud of you when you performed that I had try hard not to cry. It was really good seeing all the parents and families there too. You are a wonderful group.