Wednesday, June 16, 2010


You know when you get those emails? The ones that say win a trip to somewhere fantastic just by telling us what you think. Well we answered one and we have won a trip to Wellington Zoo for an end of term treat. I think I might be even more excited than my class (who made so much noise when we found out this morning that 3 other classes came to see what was wrong). We might get to see the tawny frogmouth!! This is our entry - the question being 'Why do you deserve a trip to the Zoo?'

I am the teacher in Room 3, Tawa Intermediate School and we think we deserve a trip to the zoo. I asked my students why and this is what they came up with:

Lewis Brown:
We love animals, especially exotic ones. We have a class pet, a chinchilla. We are very proud of him and are the most organised class in the school so we can take proper care of him.

Maddy Arnold:
We also would like to see other animals at the Zoo and know what they do and what you have to do to keep them healthy.

Flynn Aupa'au
We have class pet. It is a Chinchilla named chocolate who originates way in south America and that is why he doesn’t hibernate. Our class though is a group of MONKEYS!!!

In our class discussion about visiting the zoo the students told me they would love to see other animals from South America that might be related to our chinchilla. The students take full responsibility for our chinchilla and every one of them knows how to care for him properly. We have been visited by the care in schools group and they were so impressed by our work on producing a care sheet that it is going on their website. My class has worked so hard at this project that they deserve a treat and I think a visit to the zoo would be ideal. You can read more about our chinchilla at and attached is the care sheet students produced.

Best regards

Imogen Warren


Jack said...

WEll done kids. I am looking forward to the photos

Prue, How, Joseph, Maddy said...

Congratulations Room 3, what a fantastic trip to win - well done

amanda.towl said...

I hope you have a wonderful time and that they let you all out when it's time to go home! Photos and stories please.

Patricia said...

yay! we are going to the zoo!!