Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sports Committee

At Tawa Intermediate we have this committee called Sports Committee and they run sports events and help out at P.E. In Room3 Cam and Daniel are in Sports Committee. Daniel has just started at Sports Committee so I'm helping him by teaching him some skills to help him out at the weekly meeting. We get pushed to the limits so we are leaders at P.E. and in class. Every term we do inter class games (like K.O, Football and dodgeball). I think Sports Committee is the best.


Lewis's story

Curse those who don't listen to us!
Injury to those who hate us
DEATH to all that oppose us!

Ii read the tablet three times. These people were attacking my city. Nothing I could do would make a difference. Our city will die and its all my fault.

I was trapped in the museum.trapped by fallen rubble. I could see nothing but a golden statue of a monster.

An idea struck me. If I can't save my city I know someone or something that can....

By Lewis Brown 25/8/10

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I gazed out the fluffy white gazebo at the blue and purple night sky like a duvet with a gaping hole in it.
I hear crickets chirping their songs.
The trees dance the tango with the wind.
The glittering sand and the exhilarated sea coming in and out like a heavyweight boxer.
Finally one lone solder rises to meet the challenge of the fiery red sentry sounding the alarm.
It's springtime

Volcano story

As I walk through the streets of what used to be Pompeii , I realise what must of happened all those years ago. Back in the excact spot I am standing , I imagine watching the molten lava , rushing down the side of mount Vesuvius, crashing through towns and houses and melting every thing in its path.  I whatch every thing disappear into a cloud of smoke and a sea of lava. I'm glad i didn't live there back in 79 AD.
By Teagan


In room3 miss warren gave us some homework and one of those activities were to find at least 3 whakataukis and their meanings

Nau Te Rourou Naku Te Rourou
Your Basket And My Basket

He Toa Taumata Rau
Bravery Haas Many Resting Places

Te Toku tu Moana
The Rock Standing In The Ocean

Friday, August 13, 2010

Room 3 in print

Open Night

On Thursday night the 12th of August we had a open night for every one that will be coming next year. All the academies came together and performed, there was the band, Kapa Haka, Madrigals and then best of all Poly club!!! Che hoo!! When the band performed they sounded magnificent. Kapa preformed their beautiful songs and everybody loved it. Then the high and low voices of the school came together and sang their hearts out in Madrigal Choir. Then Poly club (the best of the night) performed and looked so beautiful in their costumes. They clapped and slapped and sounded fabulous. Also Oriana, our star of Poly club, came out and danced a beautiful Siva something called the Taupou.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


This term and next we are looking at sustainability. We have thought about what that means and this is our definition:

Sustainability is using the world's resources in a way that means they don't run out.

We have started our inquiry by looking at cause and effect. This is thinking about an event and the effects it has. Cause and effect is everywhere, in everything we do or say. Our subject was Volcanoes for our first cause and effect lesson. We read some interesting stuff about volcanoes and then completed some cause and effect graphic organisers. Some of the things we came up with are:

Pressure under the earth ---------- Volcano erupts
Volcano erupts -------------------- Lava flow destroys surroundings
Buildings are destroyed ----------- People die from poverty and disease
Eruption under the sea ------------ Tsunami
Lava flow cools ------------------- Rich soil created

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010

A visit from a Member of Parliment

Today we had a very special visit from Peter Dunne!
He is a member of the United Future party and lucky enough our class got to interview him.
We started off inviting him to meet Chocolate and Cotton, our chinchillas.
He spent time with each of them for as long as he could before moving on.
Then these were some of the questions we had to ask him!
Q1)what party are you from?
A) United Future
Q2)Have you ever won an election
A)Yes, the party has won 8 seats
Q3)Do you like your job and why?
A)Yes because its full of variety and he gets to meet lots of people and go to a lot of different places each day
Q4) What did you have to go through to get elected?
A)You have to be chosen by a political party and then elected by the people
Q5)What part of your job do you like?
A)He really enjoys meeting new people and hear what they have to say
Q6)How long have you worked for Parliament?
A)He has worked in Parliament for about 26 years now
It was really cool to have interview Peter Dunn and it was a great opportunity. Hopefully he will be back some other time!

Bye Jasmyn

Thursday, August 5, 2010


On Friday 6th of august Tayla and maddy will be heading to Weltec in petone to compete in the Maggi Kitchen Showdown and then after that we will find out who will be able to go down to christchurch to compete in the semi- final and then of to finals here we come


Monday, August 2, 2010

IKAN Numeracy Results

Last week students were given the IKAN test (details can be found on which is designed to test number knowledge. The results below are Daniel's and show that he is performing well above the expected level for a year 7.

 Now Felicia didn't try quite so hard on her test and this is her result:
Felicia resat the test a few days later with a better attitude and look at her results now:

Lesson learned: try your best and you will always perform better than you think.

Class merits

I'm caleb and I got a class merit for term 2 for being a good contributor in class and bringing in my homework on time, all the time.

I'm Catlin and I got a class merit because I did excellent school and home work.

I'm Adam and I got a class merit because am more positive about my learning this term.

Now finally me, Oriana. I got a class merit because... I was awesome in the Pasifica night and I've been doing better in my reading.