Thursday, August 12, 2010


This term and next we are looking at sustainability. We have thought about what that means and this is our definition:

Sustainability is using the world's resources in a way that means they don't run out.

We have started our inquiry by looking at cause and effect. This is thinking about an event and the effects it has. Cause and effect is everywhere, in everything we do or say. Our subject was Volcanoes for our first cause and effect lesson. We read some interesting stuff about volcanoes and then completed some cause and effect graphic organisers. Some of the things we came up with are:

Pressure under the earth ---------- Volcano erupts
Volcano erupts -------------------- Lava flow destroys surroundings
Buildings are destroyed ----------- People die from poverty and disease
Eruption under the sea ------------ Tsunami
Lava flow cools ------------------- Rich soil created

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