Friday, August 6, 2010

A visit from a Member of Parliment

Today we had a very special visit from Peter Dunne!
He is a member of the United Future party and lucky enough our class got to interview him.
We started off inviting him to meet Chocolate and Cotton, our chinchillas.
He spent time with each of them for as long as he could before moving on.
Then these were some of the questions we had to ask him!
Q1)what party are you from?
A) United Future
Q2)Have you ever won an election
A)Yes, the party has won 8 seats
Q3)Do you like your job and why?
A)Yes because its full of variety and he gets to meet lots of people and go to a lot of different places each day
Q4) What did you have to go through to get elected?
A)You have to be chosen by a political party and then elected by the people
Q5)What part of your job do you like?
A)He really enjoys meeting new people and hear what they have to say
Q6)How long have you worked for Parliament?
A)He has worked in Parliament for about 26 years now
It was really cool to have interview Peter Dunn and it was a great opportunity. Hopefully he will be back some other time!

Bye Jasmyn

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