Friday, September 24, 2010

Aroha Blakeborough - student teacher

My six week placement in room 3

Wow my six weeks in room 3 has gone faster than I ever imagined. What can I say about my time in room 3? Well it has been far from boring! On my first day I was really nervous but Miss Warren and the students of room 3 were really welcoming. I have learnt heaps from Miss Warren but the students have taught me so much that it is actually quite overwhelming to think about it. What an awesome bunch of students! The students did an evaluation of my teaching and I waited nervously for their responses but I was pleasantly surprised as the students were really objective and gave me lots to think about in my future teaching. I have really enjoyed getting to know the students and some of their quirks, all of room 3 and especially Miss Warren have a great sense of humour.
I am looking forward to having a holiday but I will definitely be sad when I leave.


on Thursday 23 of September

Room 3 were visited by Ohau school from Levin who taught us oragami.
We made a 3 piece diamond, a 6 piece cube, a 12 piece sonobe and a 30 piece sonobe.
At the moment Miss Warren is making a 90 piece sonobe.
Here are some photos of our day. Thanks to Mrs Frost and the students for visiting us.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Yesterday in honour of our German learning we made Schwarzwaelderkirschtorte or in English, Black Forest Gateau. I know the students loved it because there was no accidental smearing of cream on each other because they had eaten it all. Actually there was a bit of smearing on their own faces because we did use rather a lot of whipped cream. Thanks to the Goethe Institute in Wellington for the recipe.

Here are the photos.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fonterra science roadshow

On Friday the 17Th September we had a group of people that worked for Fonterra science roadshow visit. It was the best. The pictures will be on the blog soon . The roadshow had heaps of displays and there was one display that was the best was the bed of nails. At first it hurt by having heaps of nails stabbing you in the back but the longer that you sat there the more the pain went away.

The pictures will be up soon.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

SPCA visit

This morning we had a visit from Jennifer and Sarah. Sarah is a 3-legged dog from the SPCA. The SPCA found Sarah in a garden shed covered in her own waste with a damaged knee, at a house with lots of other poorly treated animals. Sarah's knee was unfixable and so her leg needed to be amputated completely. While Jennifer was here we invited her to see our Chinchillas and she said she had never seen chinchillas before she was amazed and also very grateful for our donation from cupcake day. She also thought that our chinchillas might win the SPCA calendar competition for next year so we think we will enter.
Caitlin and Teagan

Mr Morley's Community Award

Mr Morley is our wonderful caretaker. He is a core part of our school community and he cares for the building, the teachers and the students. We think he is brilliant and Room 3 has created the Community Award in his honour. 2 of our students have interviewed him to see how he feels about it.