Tuesday, December 7, 2010


On Monday the 29th November are Piwakawaka meet at Wellington train station because we were going on camp at Holdsworth. It was along train ride there it was like an elephant ride. When we got there it was a burning hot day are first activity was the flying fox and caving the year 8s were on the flying fox first I was 5Th person to go and first boy. When it was my turn I went when Sophie said go and I bolted down the wire like a speeding bullet. the next activity was the caving it went from hot to cold when we entered the cave the cave was low at first but it got higher it was awesome. After caving we went to the camp site to set up are tents I was with my Dad for the first night. The next day we were bivvy site the boys had to do a bike ride first it was hard in the hot temp we had to plant some plants then we rode back to set up are bivvys my bivvy was with Flynn and we won the best boy bivvy. When it stared to get dark some of us went to the water for a swim I was the first one in. The next day we had the tramp at first it was hard then it got easier up Mt Holdsworth after the tramp we went to Arangi. At about 6.30 we went to the pools. On the last day we did the high and low ropes they were fun I liked the high ropes. After the high and low ropes we went to a climbing wall were there was a swing it was awesome then it was time to go home.

By Cam
The picture here is of Matt on the flying fox as there was no pictures of me on the flying fox
This is of flynn and mine bivvy

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