Wednesday, December 8, 2010


last week i went on camp. on the first day we did the flying fox and caving .the year 8s did the flying fox first .i was 3rd down the flying fox ,at the start your stomach starts to turns.then we did the the caves. the caves were fun but a bit scary at times .
the second day we made our bevies and went on a bike ride to plant a tree.the girls got to built their bevies first because we won a competition. after the boys got bake from planting their tree.we went and planted our trees .We planted two each and then we named them on the way back it was harder than the way there because we had to ride up all the hill.
On the third day we went on a day tramp up mount holds worth we went to rocky lookout but it was only 12:00 so we went to a shelter .On the way back it was easier for some people than others.We had to go over lots of roots .
On the last day we did the high and the low ropes .The year 8s did the low ropes first we had to get all the year 8s through a large tyre. then the year 8s did the high ropes .They were more fun then the low ropes.Then we got on the bus and went to go rock climbing. the rock climbing was not really fun and that's the end of camp
by Bridget

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