Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Last Week my class went to camp to Masterton. We were all very excited.

At Day 1, we did the Flying Fox first and i was so excited and nervous. People in my class said "Don't worry, at your first try it's scary but when you get down there, you'll wanna do it again"
It was fun, although I didn't get butterflies. After that, we did caving. I was scared because everything I hated was there! Spiders, worms, wasps and possums. And tears just ran down my face unexpectedly.

At Day 2, we packed our stuff from the tents and build our bivouacs. I was so frustrated because I couldn't pack my stuff properly. Anyway, we did biking and we planted trees. In the morning, I woke up because Dahlia said "OH hells no! who pranked me?!" She got pranked by Keegan. No one pranks a girl. So it's payback time.
At Day 3, we went on a very, very, very tiring day tramp. We were all very tired. Finally, we got to our cabins and unpacked our sleeping bags. Unexpectedly, Miss Warren announced that Travis was coming with loads of fish n' chips! Me, Caitlin, Maddy, Teagan, Oriana, Felicia and Nikki stayed in our cabins. At night, we had pudding and we went to do our duties after, when we got outside the girls and Travis had a water fight! then we settled down and went to bed. Me (Patricia), Nikki and Oriana planned to prank the boys. Unluckily, Miss Warren caught us and told us to go to bed.

At Day 4,we went to the high ropes and low ropes. At low ropes we learned how to build our teamwork. And in high ropes, I was real scared and suddenly tears ran down my face. Miss Warren, Travis, Maddy, Mrs. Brown, Caitlin, Teagan, Sofie, and Tash encourage me to do it. I was proud of myself! After that, we did rock climbing and the swing. I had a wedgy on the swing! We walked 5 mins. to the train station, and finally we travelled home!
By: Patricia

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