Thursday, December 9, 2010

Maddy's camp

Last week my class,Room 3 went on a camp to Masterton for 4 days.we all meet at Wellington station at 7 30-8 am,I had to have an early start in the morning.On the first day we had to get a bus out to the caves and flying fox(it wasn't a long bus ride).I like the flying fox so much i went on twice but i didn't enjoy the caves so much though.The tents were cool because I have never slept in a tent over night before so it was a good experience.On day 2 we had to move camp sites but it was only 5 min away so we just walked.That night we were bivving so half of us went on a bike ride and the other half made our bivvys.I was building my bivvy first,I made it with Patricia,Nikki,Bridgetand I.It was quite hard but it got easier after awhile.Our bivvy also won of the best girls bivvy.It was bike ride time I got my bike and helmet and waited till we will head off.I was off,it was a bumpy ride at first but then it got easier.Suddenly my chain fell off so i went slower and slower,so i had to stop and get my bike fixed so I was way behind,Icaught up though.When we got there I found out we have to plant a tree which sounded boring and it was boring.We headed back on our bikes which it felt longer than the way there.In the bivvys at night for sleep i hd a better sleep in the there than in the tents.On day 3 when i woke up i wasn't very excited because we had to do a long 5 hour tramp=( but luckily we got to go to the pool at night.We started the long tramp it wasn't tiring a first but then it got more tiring up the hills,after the first hour I didn't get tired as easy.We got to the end and I finally made it yay.We got back to camp and had a rest and got dinner before we went to the pools.The bus came to pick us up to take us to the pools.We had a really fun time at the pool, after the pool we got to go across the road to the park that was also fun.We headed back to the camp and got ready for bed but we didn't go to bed yet though.On day 4 it was our last day of camp,sad but happy at the same time.We had high ropes and low ropes first then we had rock climbing,we walked to the rope courses because it was 5 min away.The low ropes were really fun but when we got to the high ropes I was freaked out but in the end I did it,the best part was the flying fox at the end.We walked back and went to rock climbing and that was really fun my favorite part was the swing which is you are attached to a long rope and you jump off a platform and you swing and it is fun.We finally went to the train station to get on a train to go to wellinton(home) I was home and got to see my family again.

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