Sunday, December 11, 2011

More 2011 Reflections

Anna - This year was probably the most interesting year I've had, first I'll talk about term 1. When I first arrived at tawaint I looked around the class and saw the chinchilla's Cotton and Chocolate. A few weeks later Chocolate died and Cotton stayed with me for the holidays then Miss Warren (my teacher) said I should keep Cotton because she was happy, she now lives with me.
In term 2 we got introduced to the game of dodgeball..... lets just say I did'nt enjoy it at the most :) .In class once we've all done quite a lot of work we play a game of silent ball. Eventually we had the dodgeball tournament..... and we lost :(
In term 3 Mr Rickard and Mrs Stuart annonced in the hall that 16 people in the whole school have the chance to go to Japan. Then after weeks of waiting I finally got told that I was going to Japan that was definitely my highlight of the year.
In term 4 Nucombe ball was the main game we started playing and soon there was another tournament. It was great because we won the first game but then we lost and we also did production and our country was Turkey.

Oriana - Production: This year, term 4 we had a amazing and fun production called, The Silk Road. I was a 
Turkish dancer and i was also in poly club. I had a whole lot of fun, but dressing up really fast got quite annoying. The lights in my face was really bright but I enjoyed looking at the crowd. I really can't wait until the next Tawa Intermediate production, I wonder what it's going to be called.

Dahlia -  This year I have really enjoyed production because it has made me more confident in front of people. I have also enjoyed meeting new wonderful friends that will never be forgotten. I will never forget all these funny memories and all the dramas in class. All these memories they will always be cherished in my heart. The high light of the year for me would probably have to be having the best teacher ever. She is like a angel sent down from god. On the last day of school it will be very sad and hard to let go of all these people that I love.

Christian  - This year  I got a class merit because i was being kind to people and helping people that where stuck on things. It was a great year here at room 10, Kakapo syndicate with great teachers, who are very kind to the students but when they have to they will be serious and will be ready to teach. The Spec classes are really good the teachers there are very good at teaching. I mean I sucked at art and when I went to art spec I came out alot better.

Connor This year I have enjoyed inter class sport and p.e and especially making new friends. This year we only won one inter class sport and came second to last in the class of the year. The best inter class sport was the nucomball as we beat Rm2.
The hardest thing this year was algebra but was a good learning experience. Our class are really good friends and I will miss all of them. One of the most hard things this year was production as we had to practise everyday lately during p.e and it paid off and we looked great in the production.

More 2011 Reflections

Miriama I have enjoyed so many things this year but my part in the production has to be the best. I was a angry teenager called Stevie Thompson and had to memorise many lines but it was worth it. We had five performances and worked really hard and I'm proud of my achievement.
Next would be the web competition. Which I did with Caleb, we worked really well together and hope to come out on top in the end. The competition is to redesign the school's website the winner gets a choclate fountain for 8 to celebrate.

Shania - hello I'm going to to do like a book review  the year so of course like any book there are its ups and downs just like this year so now I'm going to start now. Now for the good the top five moments this year:
1) when Oscar got hit in the head with the door that made every  laugh
2) when Connor said "what do English people speak?' that was also funny
3)When AJ  said"Can I hear myself when I speak?" but really my class is very smart, like when a girl  called Courtney she said this really smart thing and the whole class was speechless, that was number 4 and last is when my friend Charlotte  got hit in the head by a net ball now that was so funny.
The best thing about this yeah is metting all of my friends.

Madeline -  5 great things about this year
1.when Oscar [a boy in my class] got hit in the face by the door.
2.The chinchillas, Chocolate and Cotton.
3.When we bet Room2 in the Nucken ball tournament.
4.And then lost against Room12 
5. When I got into Drama Academy and got to be in production!

Emma  - This year I enjoyed the free response weeks which we did every term except term 4 because we were busy with production. I loved having the chinchillas they were so cute and fluffy. Some funny things that happened were when Oscar had to stand outside the door and then Daniel opened the door and Oscar got hit in the head with it! Another was when Connor asked Miss Warren "what language do English people speak?" 

Sam - This year my class was interesting, awesome and amazing because the teacher is really cool. In class most of the kids are nice and I have made new friends. I liked doing the magazine this term. I can't wait
for next year for more fun with Miss Warren and the year 7s next year.

Nixon This year I have enjoyed making new friends and playing inter class sports but the highlight of the year would be playing nucumball and at least winning one game. I am going to miss my old friends, also known as yr8's in my class.

Charlotte This year I have enjoyed P.E it was cool when we had free time and we got a netball. I also liked the pool trip it was really awesome but it was hot. I really liked it when we won against room 2 in the interclas sports for nucomball. I liked the fun run with the cool costumes. Some people did like 15 laps but I only got 10 laps.

More 2011 Reflections

Daniel This year has been very enjoyable. Some of my favourite things that have happened this year are: The pools trip, it was a really enjoyable treat after a long term of swimming laps. The production, even though the endless production practices got tiring the production turned out really well in the end.
I learned about alot of new things like Turkey, which we studied as part of our globalisation topic in the first half of the year. I also enjoyed learning German which we carried on from last year.
I enjoyed this year and learnt alot and I am ready for college.

Zac  - This year in room 10 has been the best school year I have been through. I have loved all the team building games we have done through out the school year .Kakapo syndicate is alright at sport but we have
not won any of the inter-class competitions.I really have liked this year and I can`twait to be a year 8 next year.

Next year I want to do more team building games.We have been on lots of fun trips with the syndicate, to the pools and to the national archives. I have done all the spec classes and my favourite one by far
was foods. I have got the best teacher in the school miss warren.

Tayla -  This year was a bunch of drama and experiences:
me and Anna going on the japan exchange, Caleb and others going on the rock band comp, Oriana, Dahlia, Feicia, Nikki going on the swiss exchange and other poly thing. In class we have a game every half hour if we deserve it, and winning a game for the inter class sports was definetly a highlight. Next year going to the college is nerve racking and down here in room10 nothing but support from Miss and class mates. Also this year our new
syndicate is pretty fun, with pe and production being the best ever for our syndicate. i've enjoyed this year in room10 making heaps of new friends.

Caleb Some of the things I have enjoyed this year are: working on the computers, Doing the competition for the tawa int website with Miriama and Daniel it was great fun even if we dont win. I also enjoyed doing basic facts as I did very well in getting my basic facts and mental comp merit, class trips (pools).
But most importantly I enjoyed meeting all then year 7s this year which I am so sad to leave. Over all I think this year was awesome!!!

Nikki - This year Tawa intermediate had an Asia themed production. It was called "The Silk Road", 2011. It started on the 29th and went on for three days. My syndicate, Kakapo had the country "Turkey". I was an Anzac. The
other students were "Girl Turkish Dancers", "Boy Turkish Dancers", and "Trojans". We were the first syndicate to preform. We started to get ready at 6:00. Everybody was very excited to be at school at night, maybe a little too excited. But the three days went by and every one was very tired on Friday, ecspacially the teachers.

Flynn - Room 10 a place where learning is fun, where learning goals are fulfilled. We play games, relax and talk. We have a sort of relaxed learning environment where learning is first priority but in a really fun way. In maths we have been doing more hands on activities. In literacy we have been discussing things as a group allowing the quiet
people to talk and share opinions, make friends and become more confident. This year our class has been great. We had a few problems across the year but throughout the year we got over them and started having fun. Team building has been a big part in our class bonding and we have done that really well. The highlight of the year was probably when Daniel smashed Oscar in the face in the door. Oscar in general making mistakes was funny and when Connor and Pledger had a confrontation made all the drama spectacular. This year has been really fun but the year 8's including me need to get prepared for college and get ready for a harder longer style of learning.

2011 Reflections

Courtney - This term our school has done a production which is called 'THE SILK ROAD'. Heaps of parents went to it. Tawa Intermediate invited some primary schools to watch the show. In the 'THE SILK ROAD'  I am an ANZAC and I run the boat. It was really fun. In P.E. we have been doing nucumball when ROOM 10 (my class) played our first round we won against room 2. It was awesome because we have not won anything. xox courtney williamson xox

Ben - This year I have enjoyed inter class sport, especially when we won nucumball and the funny thing is that we only won when Miss Warren wasn't there. I have enjoyed the spec, mostly foods because we get to eat the food afterwards.

Jayden & Oscar This year I enjoyed playing nucumball. We won our first inter inter class game. In the end we lost to Room 12. Sadly Room 12 got to the finals and they were vs room 14 and they lost to room 14.
This year we have been doing maths like all the other classes.The Moebius group have been doing complicated maths including year 10 algebra! We also have been doing reading,writing and topic. The worst topic of the year was puberty, it was disturbing.
In term 1 Miss warren was away for 3 weeks and we had Mr G.When Miss Warren came back she got us presents from Germany. With the left over money we sponsored Amado Togo, a child from Mali.
This term we did production it was sort of fun.There was 4 acts the first act was the Greeks, then Turkish girls danced then the Turkish boys danced and the final act was the Anzacs. We had to perform 3 nights and we had to perform for primary kids too.

Felicia - This year Tawa Intermediate has put on a production "The Silk Road". The theme was Asian countries. My syndicate Kakapo had Turkey. There were Turkish dancers (male and female), Trojans and Anzacs . I was a Anzac, of course the most best part to be in the production. We had the production for three nights. It was a lot of fun. And on all the three nights were really packed. I was also in Poly Club. So I had to get change into 2 costumes. It was really ANNOYING ! But I made it through so thank god!
Well that was my highlight of the year .
Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoyed it.

Sarah -  First we'll go back to the date 1st of February 2011, the day started with a little class reunion. The previous yr8s are at college, the yr7s are now yr8s and there are new yr7s. Through the months there were plenty of mishaps and events like shared lunch and talent shows and quizzes, (not to mention a river of silent ball and an ocean of nucumball!). Yr8s had vacinations for diseases and infectons. after a hop,skip and a big jump later we return to today and this maybe the greatest year ever. -s.k.

Nikisha -  This year I have enjoyed playing nucomball and I really like the team building we do. And this year you might have been hearing about the production, production was bit of a pain but we all had to do it. And now it's nearly the end of the year and we are going to have a end of year party, the whole class is doing it so I hope it will be fun. And this week we are having a talent show the last talent show that we did was at March or something and I won but I just got a white chocolate bar and it was broken but oh well at lest I got a chocolate bar.

So my highlight of the year, mmm well I know my funniest highlight is when Oscar got hit in the head haaa the whole class was laughing even Mrs Warren. I'm laughing right now hahahahaha.                                                                                         
So now its nearly the end of the year and it has been an AMAZING year and I hope to have AMAZING year next year to. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sponsored Child

In Room 10 instead of Miss Warren buying us treats we have a sponsored child in Mali. He is 11 years old and his name is Mali. We sent him some photos with messages on so he could see who was writing to him. Here are some of the messages.


This week an instructor from the local fencing club came to give students a taster of the sport. It was tremendously good fun. Here are some of the best pictures.

Friday, November 4, 2011


We have been experimenting with animation this week. Students take pictures and sew them together on Movie Maker. Here is Daniel and Caleb's.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I was recently very privileged to meet Sirocco the Kakapo. This was especially cool as we are part of Kakapo syndicate. Have a look at some of the pictures.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Connors limerick

There was a little girl called shania
she came from the big lan of china.
She lived in a bin
made of tin
and that was the little girl called shania.

sarah's limerick

there was a shark called jaws
who ate sparrows and macaws
one day he ate peels
which he thought were seals
  that dumb shark called jaws

Bens limerick

There was a a little boy named called daniel

Who unfortunatly looked just like a spaniel

He ran around all day

And everyone stayed out of his way

What an anoying little boy named daniel

madeline's limerick

there was a girl called maddie
who adored her daddie
she made a phone call
to her friend, paul.
and he said 'do  I know you maddie?'

Caleb and Daniel's poem

There once was a boy called Niah

who always caught his pants on fire

he needed some water

2 litres and a quarter

and that was the end of poor Niah

Please Rate Comment and subsribe


Flynn and Nixon's Limerick

There once was a guy named Doug,
Who did a very bad drug,
He got very high,
So he ate a mince pie,
That very high guy named Doug.

Flynn's LImerick

There once was a class called room 10,
Inside was a girl named Ben,
And a girl named Sam,
That swallowed a ham,
That crazy class of room 10.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

MacDougall Award

The Macdougall award is about creative writing and display. Mr Macdougall was a teacher who loved creative writing and getting the best presentation out of his students. The award was set up because in 1984 Mr Macdougall suddenly died of cancer.

My entry was about the beach:
As the sun shines it reflects off the water and shows itself upon the sand. You splash around like its the lost and found until you hurt your hand. You can look for shells and get nipped by crabs, you can laugh and play all day. It's just a thing about that makes us want to smile.
By Flynn

MacDougall Award

MacDougall Award

MacDougall Award

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Amadou is our sponsored child (through World Vision) in Mali. It was his 10th birthday this week. We recieved this letter and photo from him.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

self defence...

Being in self defence class is really fun! you get to learn more new defence moves and
at the same time work with people you just met, its quiet crazy and awesome at the same time.
I loved how we were building up are confidence by shouting out the words "NO", "STOP" and
"GO AWAY "!! The best thing that i liked in self defence class was punching the punching bags!
The things that i thought was more important to find out was: Yell very loud so that someone could hear you, never show fear to the attacker and always be ready!! All yr 7s that dont want to do self defence next year i suggest you should its very fun and you will enjoy it!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Japan Japan Japan Japan!

while we were in japan the highlights of the trip were definetly

  • disneyland in tokyo

  • and fuji Q highlands

Fuji Q has rides with world wide records!

in Fuji Q they have the tallest roller coaster in the world at 179 cm

and many others

and disneyland tokyo

has a bunch of really cool rides like

  • space mountain

  • big thunder mountain

  • and splash mountain

i loved every single ride its really HOT but its defintely worth it :)

Japan Trip 2011

On the way to Japan we had to go on a 14 hour trip in a massive plane but it's cool because there is a touch screen t.v on the chair in front of us so we don't get bored. Finally we arrived Narita, it was a long ride in the van through Tokyo I even fell a sleep :) When we met our host familys they were very friendly, the girl that I stayed with was called Ran. She has 2 little brothers kai (who is 10) and sun (who is 7) She has a gandmother and a grandfather. Her grandma did our kimono's and now I know how to do it. lol tell you more soon!
Hi it was my Birthday today on the Tuesday the 6Th September I'm turning 13
for my birthday I got a yellow budgie with black spots.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Super Cool TradeMe Auction

As part of our Enterprise unit we are looking at making money on auction sites. We will be listing some items soon but we have started with a spike ball Miss W made. Check it out and please bid.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Anna and Tayla are on the school trip to Japan at the moment (and are we jealous!). Here are a couple of photos of them. They are on the right of the front row.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Rubbish Bin by Nikki

The rubbish bin is a big useful object for many different uses. It is big and any kind of sized things could be put in a rubbish bin, like the size of your kids when you drop them of at the swimming pools. and if you don't know what I'm talking about it is your poo! the rubbish bin could be used as a toilet.
ha ha lol! :)

Emma's crazy explanation - The bridle

BEWARE: This is the silly meaning of a bridle not the real meaning a bridle is actually for a HORSE!

What is a BRIDLE for? Something to style your hair!

How do you use it? Put it over your head and hair and put bits of your hair through the different holes in the BRIDLE...

Why?? So that you look FUNKY!

When do you use it? When ever you want to...

By Emma =)

Felicia's crazy explanation

A ruler is something you can whack people with and count numbers on it. You can also draw on it with vivid and see through it (if it's not a coloured ruler). Sometimes I have rulers so I can make my desk full. And so I can decorate it :)

Ben - crazy explanation

The Marine!

One day a little boy named The Marine was in the middle of a warfare until.... he was blowing the heby jebys out of people. Then in (Slow motion) he was walking back to the chopper with a civilian in his hands. As soon as he got to the chopper it blew up and we died .......................

RYAN HIGA (crazy explanation)

Ryan Higa.

You may be wondering who is this Ryan Higa.
What does he do?
Where is he from?
What is his job?
Why is he called Ryan?

Read carefully cause were gona answer all your questions...
What does he do?
Ryan Higa is a youtube comedian.
Where is he from?
He currently lives in the States.
What is his job?
He makes videos on youtube and is curently second most suscribed on youtube.
Why is he called Ryan?
Nobody knows not even this computer.

One of his popular series are called Skitzo below is one of these.

Connor - crazy explanation

A blanket is an object used for capturing small children or short people and storing biscuits. It is 1 to 2 meters long and is also designed to keep things warm. You can wrap your socks in the blanket to make your socks feel special.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


This week I read the following description to the students. They then had to draw what they thought the planet Fengol looked like. Attached are some of their pictures.

Fengol is a planet deep in outer space. It is a strange planet and is very different from earth. It is always very dark on Fengol because black clouds hide the sun. Although it is never sunny it is very warm because the rocks on Fengol are very hot. You can fry an egg on them.

Fengol has many rivers. These rivers are very wide and very slow. The river water is pure but it is very hot - too hot for fish or plants. Fengol has many thick forests. The trees are all very tall. They have red leaves. Many of the strange animals on Fengol live in the tree tops. Some animals are very dangerous. The atmosphere on Fengol is poisonous for humans. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our Moon

I float out to the moon so cold lonely and sad
if only he had a friend, someone to joke with
all the stars are a million miles away they don't understand him now he's alone
forever only seeing his friend the sun, on the day of the eclipse and that comes rarely 
his sadness, all pride lost wallowing in self pity "why me?" 
Alone for the rest of his long lonely life the earth stops him as he tries to make friends 
now he's given up
just watching from the side line as the other planets enjoy each other's company
self esteem's gone, the moon the lone wolf, the last man standing
if only a second chance was given to end of billions of years of sorrow
even if the chance to turn back the clock came he would never be the same but
it won't come
if only he knew
we need him
we love him
Our moon

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Black Forest Cake (Gateau)

Last year miss told us about a cake we could make and this year we did it again. Our one of a kind black forest cake made with

  • Whipped cream
  • Chocolate sponge cake
  • cherrys
  • and chocolate chips

We all loved it and certainly will make it next year

Zach's Dads VISIT :D

Zach's dad, Paul came to visit our class to talk to us about him and what he does
He's involved in a couple things including

  • The force ( Police Man )
  • And the film industries

Paul was filmed in numerous movies like lords of the rings, paul played gandolf's taller self

because his height is 7 foot and when he came to class a couple of people went up to him to see where they were on him

his dad was really cool and everyone thought he was amazing

Friday, June 24, 2011

Russia by Ben & Oscar

This is what we did in class

by me & Ben

CALEB and Cam's graph

Statistical investagations

In room 10 we have been making graghs about populations in other countries here are some. We have been looking at getting the average population.
By Daniel

Statistical investagation

 Sibiria is the most populated area in the selections of Russian provinces. They average population is 5326020.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

On the 15th of June Suraj Maisuria  showed us how to make  nutmeg cookies. They are very  delicious.
The ingredients you need are:
1/2 cup of butter
1 cup of plain flour
1/4 tsp of nutmeg powder
1/4 tsp Cardamom powder
1/2 cup icing sugar
1 tsp of baking powder

 How to make.
First you soften the butter, then add icing sugar. Mix it for about 2 mins then add nutmeg and Cardamom powder. Add baking powder and plain flour then make a dough and let it sit for 5mins. Roll it into little balls. Put it in your oven on 150 for about 15 mins. Then when its cooked let them sit for 10mins and they are ready to eat.
Thank you

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Design Homework

Students have to choose between different design tasks. This photo is of Nikisha modelling Madeline's coat made entirely out of old plastic bags.

Oriana's poem to chocolate

Dear Chocolate the first day you came you were cute and cuddly but still no name.
As I hold you close to me smooth and soft heaven is all I see.
The death of chocolate was my worse fear but now that you're gone I wanna burst into tears!!
I never imagined that this day would be real, for all you that cried I know how you feel!!
What we do we do for you we will always remember you

In loving memories of


Chocolate the Chinchilla ! ♥

Chocolate is a boy chinchilla.
He runs, he walks and he ALWAYS sleeps !
When I hold him close to me, my day warms up brighter and stronger.
When he's hot, he gets red ears.
Once you put him in his cage, he drops down on his side and sleeps.
This morning when I found out Chocolate passed away, my heart felt like dropping.
I am really going to miss you Chocolate !

By Felicia

Monday, June 20, 2011

Working with newspapers !

Hi , Today Room 10 are working with newspapers. They are learning how to make interesting titles off different kinds of newspapers. It is really exciting for us to have a new experience in literacy.

This morning we had an activity with Miss Warren ! She would give us a description and we would have to think of an exciting title with similies, metaphors and alliteration .

We have new literacy groups:
The Soap, Pencils, Giants and ladies.

Here are some photos with Room 10 working with newspapers !

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Silly Spelling Sentences

Madeline : Igot my beautiful clothes from the centre of that shop with amateur people in it that believe.

Carlotte: The beautiful animals are coming around the corner before the breakfast.

Emma: I acquired a cemetery in a beautiful column of absence.

Sarah: I believe that calendar makers make a mistake in the centre which is not acceptable

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Key Comptencies

This week the students have been reviewing how they can improve our class by thinking about how their behaviour and attitude impacts on others. These are the questions they have been answering:

   Managing Self
    Am I in class at 8.30? Do I come straight back to class after SPEC and interval/lunch?
    Do I fess up when I am in the wrong? Do I go out in silent ball when I should? 
    Do I have pens, pencils etc? Is my desk tidy and my work filed?
    Do I have the right shoes and gear and wear it properly?
    Do I try my best in an activity even if I think it might be boring?
    Am I grateful for the activities we do and never moan?
    Do I help in class, even when I am not asked?

    Do I contribute to class discussion and ask if I am not sure?
    Do I give sensible answers and explain my thinking?
    Do I make sure that my answers are not silly and off topic?

    Relating to Others
    Do I help others and say lots of positive things?            
     Do I make sure everyone gets a turn and not take over?
     Do I play fair?

    Participating and Contributing
     Do I offer to help other people and do things that need doing?
     Do I answer even if I am not sure my answer is right?
     Do I not laugh if someone makes a mistake and not talk when other people are?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Emma's Alphabet Alliterations

A. Amy ate apples at Annes birthday.  
B. Bob likes bowling at bowland. 
C. Cute cats climb carefully.
D. Dancing dolphins dive around Donna.
E. Eagles eggs hatched on Easter evening.
F. Find fairy fossils fying and floating in the forest.
G. A gaggle of geese go to another galaxy of goats. 
H. Happy horses hang out at the harbour.
I. In the ice age igloos weren't imported. 
J. Jumping jam jars jumped of the journal joyride.
K. Kinghearted Katie kissed Tiggs the kung-fu kitten.
L. Loud Lola laughed in the large labratory.   
M. Monkey majesty Mickey mimicked Mala the mama monkey. 
N. Nina the horse neighed noisily at night.
O. The old octpus was odd in October. 
P. The pretty piglet played in the palace pigsty.
Q.  Queen Quacker quacked a quarter of the day for quartz. 
R. Ram ate rasberries, Rascal read rather than eating rasperries.
S. Sophie the sausage dog smelt sizzling sausages.
T. The terrapin toddled to and fro in the turtle tank.
U. Underground unicorns are undeniable.
V. Valentine Violet was valuable.
W. Wide worms waffle down wafers.
X. Xavier played the xylophone till is x-ray.
Y. Yesterday yellow yetis ate yellow yolk. 
Z. Zig-zag zebras zip around in Zimbabwe.


On Tuesday 24th of May  2011 Tawa Intermediate school had Cross Country. It was a really fun event in which every one took part, apart from a couple of people who had sore legs and didn`t run. Everyone got sent off with their year groups: year7 girls, year7 boys, year8 girls and year8 boys.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Room ten

Room 10

It's 8:27. This is me walking up the stairs in my way to the classroom being as lazy as I can be.
Silence is all you hear but the squeaky noise from the stairs one after another.

Here i am . I made it !
"Hi Miss Warren." I say as I enter the room.
"Good morning Felicia." she replied.
Just a light movement of my body made me feel so cold. But im used to it. It's like refreshing air.
"Nikki, Oriana. HI." I say as i hug them .
"Where's Dahlia and Courtney ?" I ask .
"They're in the back room with the chinchilla's."
"Oh cool."
I turn around and all I see is Tayla's arms out wide ready for me to hug her.

All you hear is everyone talking to each other and welcoming each and every one the class mates. This is what I like about Room 10. I have friends who care about me and a teacher that welcomes me and a class that is soo KOOL !
If I were to choose my own class. I would definetly choose Room 10 with Miss Warren as our teacher !


By Felicia Petaia

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


This week I have been to a pretty village in the Alps called Oberammergau. The village is famous for its religious passion plays that the people put on once every 10 years. It is also famous for the painted houses. All around the village there are houses with fairy tales painted on the sides. Have a look at the slide show for some telling the story of Hansel and Gretel.

Term one week 10

This is our second week with Mr Geismar. One more week to go before the end of term and everyone is starting to get tired from the long eleven week term. We made fire extinguishers with co2.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

If you go down to the woods today ...

In the Nymphenburg Park, just behind where I am staying, if you are very quiet you might see some local wildlife. Like a black squirrel.

 Or a red squirrel.
 crazy ducks,
 sleepy owls
 and even big toads.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle was built by the lonely, fairy tale King Ludwig II of Bavaria in the 1800s. He built it high in the mountains so he could escape from the politics in Munich. When he died he wanted the castle to be destroyed so no-one could see it. Only 6 weeks after his death and the castle was open to the public. It is the most amazing man made structure I have ever seen. This picture was taken from a bridge about half a km away. 
This is the view of Hohenschwangau Castle from Neuschwanstein Castle. It was built by Ludwig's father and is very beautiful itself but nothing compared to Neuschwanstein.
This is the view of the lakes and mountains from Neuschwanstein Castle itself. You can see why Ludwig loved it so much.

Latest Pictures from Munich

This is a picture of one of the hallways in the Residenz, the main palace in Munich. 
These traditional dresses are called dirndls and maybe I'll be wearing one when I come back to NZ!
This is the town hall, believe it or not!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Week eight term two

This is our first week with Miss warren away in Germany. We have Mr Geismar (the science teacher) teaching us for three weeks. He is really fun just like Miss Warren. Our class is coping well and people are behaving for Mr G. We have done science and did the classic baking soda and vinegar experiment.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Learning lots of lessons

It is easy sometimes to coast, to go with the flow and let things happen around you without really taking part. That is what I have found myself doing this week. My reading and understanding of spoken German is pretty good but talking German is what I find really difficult. And guess what they want you to do in a German class? Speak German! And only German. So I sit and look down when the teacher asks a question that I can't answer and I let others answer. I got bored really quickly and found myself thinking about how much longer I had to be there. Who would have thought? Miss Warren is a passive learner, what will Mr Rickard say?

So today I made a decision to get stuck in, answer as many questions as I could, guess at others and just have a go. I got some wrong but I also got loads right. No one appears to think I am dumb and it is so much more fun! I am really enjoying my classes now although having to concentrate for 4 hours, listening to the teacher speak a different language is really hard. But now I have chosen a better attitude (an A) it is a lot easier. Mr Westphall will be proud of me.

Munich photos to follow, can't upload right now.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Miss Warren goes to school

Today was my first day back in class as a student. There are 12 of us in the class and we all sat in different parts of the classroom. I wasn't nervous but some of the others looked really scared. There is a really annoying Russian student in the class who talks over the teacher and interrupts other people when they are giving their answers. It is difficult for me not to tell her to be quiet. First off the teacher gave us numbers and we had to find partners with the same number. Some people didn't want to move away from students they already knew. I didn't mind because I know the teacher knows best about how I learn. 2 of the people snuck back to seat by each other in the middle of the activity and then whispered to each other when the teacher was talking and when other people were giving answers. It really put me off and I kept wishing the teacher would do something about it. Then we had to sit a test. The teacher said it was just for him to know what to teach us (I am not making this up) but I wanted to beat everybody else so I guessed some of my answers until I remembered what he said and so I crossed out those answers. The teacher is really nice but I sit as quietly as I can and hope he doesn't ask me a question because I don't want to look dumb.

Blimey, is this what it is like to be a student? Hmm, lots to think about!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Miss Warren's Adventures

Guten Tag

Ich bin in Munchen! It is spring here and warm and sunny. I start school tomorrow which is very exciting. I shall be a great student, kind to others and answering questions as best I can. I am living near the Schloss Nymphenburg which is a huge palace and park. It is very beautiful and I am going to try to visit everyday. Photo is below. I went for my first Bavarian meal yesterday and it came delivered in it's own little truck. I had to take a picture secretly as I didn't want to offend anyone. I think I would like to have all my meals delivered in a little truck like this.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trip to Wellington

This week we went to Wellington. Here are some of pictures of us at Frank Kitts Park.