Friday, February 18, 2011


Hi my name is Emma.
In my awesome family is my brilliant Mum, my clever Dad, my annoying brother Ciaran, cuddly Neo and fluffy Scout.
My cool hobbies are playing on our bouncy trampoline, playing with scout, reading awesome books and playing on the computer. On Tuesday's and Sunday's I play tennis at my local tennis club.
My family pets are Neo our cat and Scout our dog Scout is 3/4 west highland terrier and 1/4 bichon. Lastly my favourite TV show is Animal Rescue.


In my fabulous life I have a horrible brother named Brannan, and a fantastic mum and her name is Rahera, but I can't forget my awesome dad, Danny. We all live in a lovely home in Porirua and have been living there for 3 years now.

The one thing about me is that I love shopping, my favourite shop is Jay Jays, I think it's the best shop in the world. The one best piece of clothing I like are skinny jeans and anything else that catches my eye.

The thing that I like besides shopping is ice cream. My favourite ice cream is the extraordinary jelly tip. I love jelly tip because it has a jelly middle with bits of chocolate bits. Another ice cream like is vanilla because it goes with everything.


The best tv show is digimon because there is a lot of fighting between monster and they kill each other. The monster are cool because they can transform to other monster. Algemon looks like a little dinosaur then he transform into a bigger one. He can aso transform into 3 other types as well.

I have a cat called snow. He is lazy because he just sleeps all day and eat bickies. He is deaf so you haved to wave to him so you get his attention. Snow is called snow because he is all white and fluffy.


Hi my name is Anna first of all. My life - I live with a very ordinary family. I've got two lovely parents and three sisters (they're evil!) trust me they are. ANYWAY! My truly lovely parents they both have jobs my mum (Elaine) works in the library and dad (Martin) works at the BNZ so in kind of rich. Now my sisters evil people. In their own time they plot schemes in their rooms Creepy right. Lets move on. Some things you may know about me I would like to visit England because all my unknown relatives live there. My Favourite famous person is Emma Roberts. I play hockey and karate I just love t-shirts with cute slogans. I like to doodle. So that's me!


My name is Nixon and I live Wellington. I play soccer, tennis and I like other sports too. I just don't like rugby

I would like to be as flash as a cartoon character because they're fast and sporty. I like a character named Flash and he is like a speedy racing car.

My sister's name is Zoe. I sometimes think she is annoying and sometimes fun she is 4 turning 5 next month. My brothers name is Saxon. I sometimes think that he's cheeky to me and he plays with me sometimes.

I like going to paintball and go karting. I like to go to paintball as I just like shooting my friends and my cousins.
In go karting I just like zooming everywhere and drifting.


Hi my name is Courtney and I'm in a weird but true family of 4 people they are .....
pretty Janlle - she can sing like a bird in the morning and there is my smart dad and he is as cool as the sea and there is awesome Tina she is as awesome as the summers wind. Then there is my weird mum, she's as pretty as a flower. So that's my family. Now Janlle. She is annoying and the most annoying thing she does is steal my stuff. My favourite ice cream is chocolate because when it comes to mouth it melts in my mouth like a chocolate stream .

so now u know a little bit of my life



My Life

In my happy family I have my dad who is tough and rough, my mum is kind and careful, Sarah is 19 and is grumpy and merry at the same time, Ataria is 21 and is fit and very helpful, Wiremu is 16 and is mean and lean.

My favourite video game is the one and only Fable 2. In ten years I hope to be a TV presenter in Auckland

My favourite ice cream flavour is Jelly tip when its cold and cool. I also adore my special and unique pets bity Belle my dog, my bouncy bunnys Dj and Marama and fiesty kitty kitty whos as fiesty as a hungry human.

I am in love with sprinting really fast too.So thats my life which I can say is pretty awesome!!!

oscar. MY LIFE

Hi my name is Oscar, the rubik's cube geek. Some of my hobbies include searching videos about rubik's cubes, solving rubik's cubes and watching T.V. My favorite computer game is a game called virtual cubes which has all kinds of diffrent rubik's shapes. In ten years I would like to be a quick rubik's cube tester. My favorite celebrity is the rubik's cube world champ he can solve it in 7.94 seconds. My favorite sport is a sport called rubik's cubes relay. THE END


In my life there is a family, there is a brother and in him there is a dark as night soul, and the most horrible most discusting thing to me is ... um well being mean to me.

In my life there is a thing called sport and that sport is the most extraordanairy... net-ball, hockey and last but never the less is ... soft-ball which is the fastest game in whole wide world ( I know it is not).

The job I want in ten years from now is either volunteering for the S.P.C.A or at the university in wellington, but my life long dream is working as a teacher at T.I.S my inspiration is teaching kids and giving kids a bright future, I love animals and kids

My hobbies are well .. I am writing a book and that is really my hobby for now and the book is called DON'T READ ME!!! it is about me and my life and like what I am doing right now, the past the present and the future to come

The film that I have watched the most times would probably Matilda but that is not my favourite movie is the blind side it is about well... I don;t want to tell you because I don't want to spoil the end.

the end


One of the most excruciating, annoying things would be my ridiculous brother. All he does is shout his unimaginable things at his wild Ben 10 characters making sounds and shouting something like swampfire or terraspin.(What a nutter he is). He runs round the house like a jet that's just got caught on fire and the only good thing is when he goes to bed some peace!

The job I would like to have in ten years would be the high flying super sonic Air force. Preferably I would be flying the thunderous helicopters for RNZAF but the training looks like a monsoon wave of hardness, but I'm hoping as I get older I wont think its so hard.

My favourite extreme absolute ice cream flavour would be the mouth watering cookies and cream tasty... I would mostly pick that flavour everytime its so good. But the soft chocolate cookies would come out top. They're so nice and they give you a good amount of cookies tasty!
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Saturday, February 12, 2011




Week 2

This week we have continued our setting up of class rules and routines. The students have written a job description for me, a behaviour code for themselves and how they want me to manage them. Across the school we have been working on restorative justice systems which identify the results of students making poor choices and how they can repair the damage caused. In room 10 we reviewed our class rules with this in mind and talked about some strategies students could use to help them avoid breaking rules and what to do if they make mistakes. We aim to keep small problems small by being honest about our actions and putting things right (this includes me as well).

By way of getting to know each other we have been making some movies by taking 33 high speed photographs and then importing them into movie maker. Here we have Flynn and Oscars movies. Watch out for more to follow!