Friday, February 18, 2011


One of the most excruciating, annoying things would be my ridiculous brother. All he does is shout his unimaginable things at his wild Ben 10 characters making sounds and shouting something like swampfire or terraspin.(What a nutter he is). He runs round the house like a jet that's just got caught on fire and the only good thing is when he goes to bed some peace!

The job I would like to have in ten years would be the high flying super sonic Air force. Preferably I would be flying the thunderous helicopters for RNZAF but the training looks like a monsoon wave of hardness, but I'm hoping as I get older I wont think its so hard.

My favourite extreme absolute ice cream flavour would be the mouth watering cookies and cream tasty... I would mostly pick that flavour everytime its so good. But the soft chocolate cookies would come out top. They're so nice and they give you a good amount of cookies tasty!
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