Friday, February 18, 2011


In my life there is a family, there is a brother and in him there is a dark as night soul, and the most horrible most discusting thing to me is ... um well being mean to me.

In my life there is a thing called sport and that sport is the most extraordanairy... net-ball, hockey and last but never the less is ... soft-ball which is the fastest game in whole wide world ( I know it is not).

The job I want in ten years from now is either volunteering for the S.P.C.A or at the university in wellington, but my life long dream is working as a teacher at T.I.S my inspiration is teaching kids and giving kids a bright future, I love animals and kids

My hobbies are well .. I am writing a book and that is really my hobby for now and the book is called DON'T READ ME!!! it is about me and my life and like what I am doing right now, the past the present and the future to come

The film that I have watched the most times would probably Matilda but that is not my favourite movie is the blind side it is about well... I don;t want to tell you because I don't want to spoil the end.

the end

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