Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Miss Warren goes to school

Today was my first day back in class as a student. There are 12 of us in the class and we all sat in different parts of the classroom. I wasn't nervous but some of the others looked really scared. There is a really annoying Russian student in the class who talks over the teacher and interrupts other people when they are giving their answers. It is difficult for me not to tell her to be quiet. First off the teacher gave us numbers and we had to find partners with the same number. Some people didn't want to move away from students they already knew. I didn't mind because I know the teacher knows best about how I learn. 2 of the people snuck back to seat by each other in the middle of the activity and then whispered to each other when the teacher was talking and when other people were giving answers. It really put me off and I kept wishing the teacher would do something about it. Then we had to sit a test. The teacher said it was just for him to know what to teach us (I am not making this up) but I wanted to beat everybody else so I guessed some of my answers until I remembered what he said and so I crossed out those answers. The teacher is really nice but I sit as quietly as I can and hope he doesn't ask me a question because I don't want to look dumb.

Blimey, is this what it is like to be a student? Hmm, lots to think about!

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