Friday, April 1, 2011

Learning lots of lessons

It is easy sometimes to coast, to go with the flow and let things happen around you without really taking part. That is what I have found myself doing this week. My reading and understanding of spoken German is pretty good but talking German is what I find really difficult. And guess what they want you to do in a German class? Speak German! And only German. So I sit and look down when the teacher asks a question that I can't answer and I let others answer. I got bored really quickly and found myself thinking about how much longer I had to be there. Who would have thought? Miss Warren is a passive learner, what will Mr Rickard say?

So today I made a decision to get stuck in, answer as many questions as I could, guess at others and just have a go. I got some wrong but I also got loads right. No one appears to think I am dumb and it is so much more fun! I am really enjoying my classes now although having to concentrate for 4 hours, listening to the teacher speak a different language is really hard. But now I have chosen a better attitude (an A) it is a lot easier. Mr Westphall will be proud of me.

Munich photos to follow, can't upload right now.

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