Sunday, May 29, 2011

Key Comptencies

This week the students have been reviewing how they can improve our class by thinking about how their behaviour and attitude impacts on others. These are the questions they have been answering:

   Managing Self
    Am I in class at 8.30? Do I come straight back to class after SPEC and interval/lunch?
    Do I fess up when I am in the wrong? Do I go out in silent ball when I should? 
    Do I have pens, pencils etc? Is my desk tidy and my work filed?
    Do I have the right shoes and gear and wear it properly?
    Do I try my best in an activity even if I think it might be boring?
    Am I grateful for the activities we do and never moan?
    Do I help in class, even when I am not asked?

    Do I contribute to class discussion and ask if I am not sure?
    Do I give sensible answers and explain my thinking?
    Do I make sure that my answers are not silly and off topic?

    Relating to Others
    Do I help others and say lots of positive things?            
     Do I make sure everyone gets a turn and not take over?
     Do I play fair?

    Participating and Contributing
     Do I offer to help other people and do things that need doing?
     Do I answer even if I am not sure my answer is right?
     Do I not laugh if someone makes a mistake and not talk when other people are?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Emma's Alphabet Alliterations

A. Amy ate apples at Annes birthday.  
B. Bob likes bowling at bowland. 
C. Cute cats climb carefully.
D. Dancing dolphins dive around Donna.
E. Eagles eggs hatched on Easter evening.
F. Find fairy fossils fying and floating in the forest.
G. A gaggle of geese go to another galaxy of goats. 
H. Happy horses hang out at the harbour.
I. In the ice age igloos weren't imported. 
J. Jumping jam jars jumped of the journal joyride.
K. Kinghearted Katie kissed Tiggs the kung-fu kitten.
L. Loud Lola laughed in the large labratory.   
M. Monkey majesty Mickey mimicked Mala the mama monkey. 
N. Nina the horse neighed noisily at night.
O. The old octpus was odd in October. 
P. The pretty piglet played in the palace pigsty.
Q.  Queen Quacker quacked a quarter of the day for quartz. 
R. Ram ate rasberries, Rascal read rather than eating rasperries.
S. Sophie the sausage dog smelt sizzling sausages.
T. The terrapin toddled to and fro in the turtle tank.
U. Underground unicorns are undeniable.
V. Valentine Violet was valuable.
W. Wide worms waffle down wafers.
X. Xavier played the xylophone till is x-ray.
Y. Yesterday yellow yetis ate yellow yolk. 
Z. Zig-zag zebras zip around in Zimbabwe.


On Tuesday 24th of May  2011 Tawa Intermediate school had Cross Country. It was a really fun event in which every one took part, apart from a couple of people who had sore legs and didn`t run. Everyone got sent off with their year groups: year7 girls, year7 boys, year8 girls and year8 boys.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Room ten

Room 10

It's 8:27. This is me walking up the stairs in my way to the classroom being as lazy as I can be.
Silence is all you hear but the squeaky noise from the stairs one after another.

Here i am . I made it !
"Hi Miss Warren." I say as I enter the room.
"Good morning Felicia." she replied.
Just a light movement of my body made me feel so cold. But im used to it. It's like refreshing air.
"Nikki, Oriana. HI." I say as i hug them .
"Where's Dahlia and Courtney ?" I ask .
"They're in the back room with the chinchilla's."
"Oh cool."
I turn around and all I see is Tayla's arms out wide ready for me to hug her.

All you hear is everyone talking to each other and welcoming each and every one the class mates. This is what I like about Room 10. I have friends who care about me and a teacher that welcomes me and a class that is soo KOOL !
If I were to choose my own class. I would definetly choose Room 10 with Miss Warren as our teacher !


By Felicia Petaia