Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Emma's Alphabet Alliterations

A. Amy ate apples at Annes birthday.  
B. Bob likes bowling at bowland. 
C. Cute cats climb carefully.
D. Dancing dolphins dive around Donna.
E. Eagles eggs hatched on Easter evening.
F. Find fairy fossils fying and floating in the forest.
G. A gaggle of geese go to another galaxy of goats. 
H. Happy horses hang out at the harbour.
I. In the ice age igloos weren't imported. 
J. Jumping jam jars jumped of the journal joyride.
K. Kinghearted Katie kissed Tiggs the kung-fu kitten.
L. Loud Lola laughed in the large labratory.   
M. Monkey majesty Mickey mimicked Mala the mama monkey. 
N. Nina the horse neighed noisily at night.
O. The old octpus was odd in October. 
P. The pretty piglet played in the palace pigsty.
Q.  Queen Quacker quacked a quarter of the day for quartz. 
R. Ram ate rasberries, Rascal read rather than eating rasperries.
S. Sophie the sausage dog smelt sizzling sausages.
T. The terrapin toddled to and fro in the turtle tank.
U. Underground unicorns are undeniable.
V. Valentine Violet was valuable.
W. Wide worms waffle down wafers.
X. Xavier played the xylophone till is x-ray.
Y. Yesterday yellow yetis ate yellow yolk. 
Z. Zig-zag zebras zip around in Zimbabwe.

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Scout&Sweep said...

These are AWESOME alliterations!!!! He he :)

From Scout&Sweep( from: A Blog Full of Horses)