Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Room 10

It's 8:27. This is me walking up the stairs in my way to the classroom being as lazy as I can be.
Silence is all you hear but the squeaky noise from the stairs one after another.

Here i am . I made it !
"Hi Miss Warren." I say as I enter the room.
"Good morning Felicia." she replied.
Just a light movement of my body made me feel so cold. But im used to it. It's like refreshing air.
"Nikki, Oriana. HI." I say as i hug them .
"Where's Dahlia and Courtney ?" I ask .
"They're in the back room with the chinchilla's."
"Oh cool."
I turn around and all I see is Tayla's arms out wide ready for me to hug her.

All you hear is everyone talking to each other and welcoming each and every one the class mates. This is what I like about Room 10. I have friends who care about me and a teacher that welcomes me and a class that is soo KOOL !
If I were to choose my own class. I would definetly choose Room 10 with Miss Warren as our teacher !


By Felicia Petaia

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