Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Super Cool TradeMe Auction

As part of our Enterprise unit we are looking at making money on auction sites. We will be listing some items soon but we have started with a spike ball Miss W made. Check it out and please bid.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Anna and Tayla are on the school trip to Japan at the moment (and are we jealous!). Here are a couple of photos of them. They are on the right of the front row.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Rubbish Bin by Nikki

The rubbish bin is a big useful object for many different uses. It is big and any kind of sized things could be put in a rubbish bin, like the size of your kids when you drop them of at the swimming pools. and if you don't know what I'm talking about it is your poo! the rubbish bin could be used as a toilet.
ha ha lol! :)

Emma's crazy explanation - The bridle

BEWARE: This is the silly meaning of a bridle not the real meaning a bridle is actually for a HORSE!

What is a BRIDLE for? Something to style your hair!

How do you use it? Put it over your head and hair and put bits of your hair through the different holes in the BRIDLE...

Why?? So that you look FUNKY!

When do you use it? When ever you want to...

By Emma =)

Felicia's crazy explanation

A ruler is something you can whack people with and count numbers on it. You can also draw on it with vivid and see through it (if it's not a coloured ruler). Sometimes I have rulers so I can make my desk full. And so I can decorate it :)

Ben - crazy explanation

The Marine!

One day a little boy named The Marine was in the middle of a warfare until.... he was blowing the heby jebys out of people. Then in (Slow motion) he was walking back to the chopper with a civilian in his hands. As soon as he got to the chopper it blew up and we died .......................

RYAN HIGA (crazy explanation)

Ryan Higa.

You may be wondering who is this Ryan Higa.
What does he do?
Where is he from?
What is his job?
Why is he called Ryan?

Read carefully cause were gona answer all your questions...
What does he do?
Ryan Higa is a youtube comedian.
Where is he from?
He currently lives in the States.
What is his job?
He makes videos on youtube and is curently second most suscribed on youtube.
Why is he called Ryan?
Nobody knows not even this computer.

One of his popular series are called Skitzo below is one of these.

Connor - crazy explanation

A blanket is an object used for capturing small children or short people and storing biscuits. It is 1 to 2 meters long and is also designed to keep things warm. You can wrap your socks in the blanket to make your socks feel special.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


This week I read the following description to the students. They then had to draw what they thought the planet Fengol looked like. Attached are some of their pictures.

Fengol is a planet deep in outer space. It is a strange planet and is very different from earth. It is always very dark on Fengol because black clouds hide the sun. Although it is never sunny it is very warm because the rocks on Fengol are very hot. You can fry an egg on them.

Fengol has many rivers. These rivers are very wide and very slow. The river water is pure but it is very hot - too hot for fish or plants. Fengol has many thick forests. The trees are all very tall. They have red leaves. Many of the strange animals on Fengol live in the tree tops. Some animals are very dangerous. The atmosphere on Fengol is poisonous for humans. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our Moon

I float out to the moon so cold lonely and sad
if only he had a friend, someone to joke with
all the stars are a million miles away they don't understand him now he's alone
forever only seeing his friend the sun, on the day of the eclipse and that comes rarely 
his sadness, all pride lost wallowing in self pity "why me?" 
Alone for the rest of his long lonely life the earth stops him as he tries to make friends 
now he's given up
just watching from the side line as the other planets enjoy each other's company
self esteem's gone, the moon the lone wolf, the last man standing
if only a second chance was given to end of billions of years of sorrow
even if the chance to turn back the clock came he would never be the same but
it won't come
if only he knew
we need him
we love him
Our moon