Sunday, August 21, 2011


This week I read the following description to the students. They then had to draw what they thought the planet Fengol looked like. Attached are some of their pictures.

Fengol is a planet deep in outer space. It is a strange planet and is very different from earth. It is always very dark on Fengol because black clouds hide the sun. Although it is never sunny it is very warm because the rocks on Fengol are very hot. You can fry an egg on them.

Fengol has many rivers. These rivers are very wide and very slow. The river water is pure but it is very hot - too hot for fish or plants. Fengol has many thick forests. The trees are all very tall. They have red leaves. Many of the strange animals on Fengol live in the tree tops. Some animals are very dangerous. The atmosphere on Fengol is poisonous for humans. 

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