Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our Moon

I float out to the moon so cold lonely and sad
if only he had a friend, someone to joke with
all the stars are a million miles away they don't understand him now he's alone
forever only seeing his friend the sun, on the day of the eclipse and that comes rarely 
his sadness, all pride lost wallowing in self pity "why me?" 
Alone for the rest of his long lonely life the earth stops him as he tries to make friends 
now he's given up
just watching from the side line as the other planets enjoy each other's company
self esteem's gone, the moon the lone wolf, the last man standing
if only a second chance was given to end of billions of years of sorrow
even if the chance to turn back the clock came he would never be the same but
it won't come
if only he knew
we need him
we love him
Our moon

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