Wednesday, September 28, 2011

MacDougall Award

The Macdougall award is about creative writing and display. Mr Macdougall was a teacher who loved creative writing and getting the best presentation out of his students. The award was set up because in 1984 Mr Macdougall suddenly died of cancer.

My entry was about the beach:
As the sun shines it reflects off the water and shows itself upon the sand. You splash around like its the lost and found until you hurt your hand. You can look for shells and get nipped by crabs, you can laugh and play all day. It's just a thing about that makes us want to smile.
By Flynn

MacDougall Award

MacDougall Award

MacDougall Award

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Amadou is our sponsored child (through World Vision) in Mali. It was his 10th birthday this week. We recieved this letter and photo from him.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

self defence...

Being in self defence class is really fun! you get to learn more new defence moves and
at the same time work with people you just met, its quiet crazy and awesome at the same time.
I loved how we were building up are confidence by shouting out the words "NO", "STOP" and
"GO AWAY "!! The best thing that i liked in self defence class was punching the punching bags!
The things that i thought was more important to find out was: Yell very loud so that someone could hear you, never show fear to the attacker and always be ready!! All yr 7s that dont want to do self defence next year i suggest you should its very fun and you will enjoy it!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Japan Japan Japan Japan!

while we were in japan the highlights of the trip were definetly

  • disneyland in tokyo

  • and fuji Q highlands

Fuji Q has rides with world wide records!

in Fuji Q they have the tallest roller coaster in the world at 179 cm

and many others

and disneyland tokyo

has a bunch of really cool rides like

  • space mountain

  • big thunder mountain

  • and splash mountain

i loved every single ride its really HOT but its defintely worth it :)

Japan Trip 2011

On the way to Japan we had to go on a 14 hour trip in a massive plane but it's cool because there is a touch screen t.v on the chair in front of us so we don't get bored. Finally we arrived Narita, it was a long ride in the van through Tokyo I even fell a sleep :) When we met our host familys they were very friendly, the girl that I stayed with was called Ran. She has 2 little brothers kai (who is 10) and sun (who is 7) She has a gandmother and a grandfather. Her grandma did our kimono's and now I know how to do it. lol tell you more soon!
Hi it was my Birthday today on the Tuesday the 6Th September I'm turning 13
for my birthday I got a yellow budgie with black spots.