Friday, October 7, 2011

Connors limerick

There was a little girl called shania
she came from the big lan of china.
She lived in a bin
made of tin
and that was the little girl called shania.

sarah's limerick

there was a shark called jaws
who ate sparrows and macaws
one day he ate peels
which he thought were seals
  that dumb shark called jaws

Bens limerick

There was a a little boy named called daniel

Who unfortunatly looked just like a spaniel

He ran around all day

And everyone stayed out of his way

What an anoying little boy named daniel

madeline's limerick

there was a girl called maddie
who adored her daddie
she made a phone call
to her friend, paul.
and he said 'do  I know you maddie?'

Caleb and Daniel's poem

There once was a boy called Niah

who always caught his pants on fire

he needed some water

2 litres and a quarter

and that was the end of poor Niah

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Flynn and Nixon's Limerick

There once was a guy named Doug,
Who did a very bad drug,
He got very high,
So he ate a mince pie,
That very high guy named Doug.

Flynn's LImerick

There once was a class called room 10,
Inside was a girl named Ben,
And a girl named Sam,
That swallowed a ham,
That crazy class of room 10.