Sunday, December 11, 2011

2011 Reflections

Courtney - This term our school has done a production which is called 'THE SILK ROAD'. Heaps of parents went to it. Tawa Intermediate invited some primary schools to watch the show. In the 'THE SILK ROAD'  I am an ANZAC and I run the boat. It was really fun. In P.E. we have been doing nucumball when ROOM 10 (my class) played our first round we won against room 2. It was awesome because we have not won anything. xox courtney williamson xox

Ben - This year I have enjoyed inter class sport, especially when we won nucumball and the funny thing is that we only won when Miss Warren wasn't there. I have enjoyed the spec, mostly foods because we get to eat the food afterwards.

Jayden & Oscar This year I enjoyed playing nucumball. We won our first inter inter class game. In the end we lost to Room 12. Sadly Room 12 got to the finals and they were vs room 14 and they lost to room 14.
This year we have been doing maths like all the other classes.The Moebius group have been doing complicated maths including year 10 algebra! We also have been doing reading,writing and topic. The worst topic of the year was puberty, it was disturbing.
In term 1 Miss warren was away for 3 weeks and we had Mr G.When Miss Warren came back she got us presents from Germany. With the left over money we sponsored Amado Togo, a child from Mali.
This term we did production it was sort of fun.There was 4 acts the first act was the Greeks, then Turkish girls danced then the Turkish boys danced and the final act was the Anzacs. We had to perform 3 nights and we had to perform for primary kids too.

Felicia - This year Tawa Intermediate has put on a production "The Silk Road". The theme was Asian countries. My syndicate Kakapo had Turkey. There were Turkish dancers (male and female), Trojans and Anzacs . I was a Anzac, of course the most best part to be in the production. We had the production for three nights. It was a lot of fun. And on all the three nights were really packed. I was also in Poly Club. So I had to get change into 2 costumes. It was really ANNOYING ! But I made it through so thank god!
Well that was my highlight of the year .
Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoyed it.

Sarah -  First we'll go back to the date 1st of February 2011, the day started with a little class reunion. The previous yr8s are at college, the yr7s are now yr8s and there are new yr7s. Through the months there were plenty of mishaps and events like shared lunch and talent shows and quizzes, (not to mention a river of silent ball and an ocean of nucumball!). Yr8s had vacinations for diseases and infectons. after a hop,skip and a big jump later we return to today and this maybe the greatest year ever. -s.k.

Nikisha -  This year I have enjoyed playing nucomball and I really like the team building we do. And this year you might have been hearing about the production, production was bit of a pain but we all had to do it. And now it's nearly the end of the year and we are going to have a end of year party, the whole class is doing it so I hope it will be fun. And this week we are having a talent show the last talent show that we did was at March or something and I won but I just got a white chocolate bar and it was broken but oh well at lest I got a chocolate bar.

So my highlight of the year, mmm well I know my funniest highlight is when Oscar got hit in the head haaa the whole class was laughing even Mrs Warren. I'm laughing right now hahahahaha.                                                                                         
So now its nearly the end of the year and it has been an AMAZING year and I hope to have AMAZING year next year to. 

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