Sunday, December 11, 2011

More 2011 Reflections

Daniel This year has been very enjoyable. Some of my favourite things that have happened this year are: The pools trip, it was a really enjoyable treat after a long term of swimming laps. The production, even though the endless production practices got tiring the production turned out really well in the end.
I learned about alot of new things like Turkey, which we studied as part of our globalisation topic in the first half of the year. I also enjoyed learning German which we carried on from last year.
I enjoyed this year and learnt alot and I am ready for college.

Zac  - This year in room 10 has been the best school year I have been through. I have loved all the team building games we have done through out the school year .Kakapo syndicate is alright at sport but we have
not won any of the inter-class competitions.I really have liked this year and I can`twait to be a year 8 next year.

Next year I want to do more team building games.We have been on lots of fun trips with the syndicate, to the pools and to the national archives. I have done all the spec classes and my favourite one by far
was foods. I have got the best teacher in the school miss warren.

Tayla -  This year was a bunch of drama and experiences:
me and Anna going on the japan exchange, Caleb and others going on the rock band comp, Oriana, Dahlia, Feicia, Nikki going on the swiss exchange and other poly thing. In class we have a game every half hour if we deserve it, and winning a game for the inter class sports was definetly a highlight. Next year going to the college is nerve racking and down here in room10 nothing but support from Miss and class mates. Also this year our new
syndicate is pretty fun, with pe and production being the best ever for our syndicate. i've enjoyed this year in room10 making heaps of new friends.

Caleb Some of the things I have enjoyed this year are: working on the computers, Doing the competition for the tawa int website with Miriama and Daniel it was great fun even if we dont win. I also enjoyed doing basic facts as I did very well in getting my basic facts and mental comp merit, class trips (pools).
But most importantly I enjoyed meeting all then year 7s this year which I am so sad to leave. Over all I think this year was awesome!!!

Nikki - This year Tawa intermediate had an Asia themed production. It was called "The Silk Road", 2011. It started on the 29th and went on for three days. My syndicate, Kakapo had the country "Turkey". I was an Anzac. The
other students were "Girl Turkish Dancers", "Boy Turkish Dancers", and "Trojans". We were the first syndicate to preform. We started to get ready at 6:00. Everybody was very excited to be at school at night, maybe a little too excited. But the three days went by and every one was very tired on Friday, ecspacially the teachers.

Flynn - Room 10 a place where learning is fun, where learning goals are fulfilled. We play games, relax and talk. We have a sort of relaxed learning environment where learning is first priority but in a really fun way. In maths we have been doing more hands on activities. In literacy we have been discussing things as a group allowing the quiet
people to talk and share opinions, make friends and become more confident. This year our class has been great. We had a few problems across the year but throughout the year we got over them and started having fun. Team building has been a big part in our class bonding and we have done that really well. The highlight of the year was probably when Daniel smashed Oscar in the face in the door. Oscar in general making mistakes was funny and when Connor and Pledger had a confrontation made all the drama spectacular. This year has been really fun but the year 8's including me need to get prepared for college and get ready for a harder longer style of learning.

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