Sunday, December 11, 2011

More 2011 Reflections

Miriama I have enjoyed so many things this year but my part in the production has to be the best. I was a angry teenager called Stevie Thompson and had to memorise many lines but it was worth it. We had five performances and worked really hard and I'm proud of my achievement.
Next would be the web competition. Which I did with Caleb, we worked really well together and hope to come out on top in the end. The competition is to redesign the school's website the winner gets a choclate fountain for 8 to celebrate.

Shania - hello I'm going to to do like a book review  the year so of course like any book there are its ups and downs just like this year so now I'm going to start now. Now for the good the top five moments this year:
1) when Oscar got hit in the head with the door that made every  laugh
2) when Connor said "what do English people speak?' that was also funny
3)When AJ  said"Can I hear myself when I speak?" but really my class is very smart, like when a girl  called Courtney she said this really smart thing and the whole class was speechless, that was number 4 and last is when my friend Charlotte  got hit in the head by a net ball now that was so funny.
The best thing about this yeah is metting all of my friends.

Madeline -  5 great things about this year
1.when Oscar [a boy in my class] got hit in the face by the door.
2.The chinchillas, Chocolate and Cotton.
3.When we bet Room2 in the Nucken ball tournament.
4.And then lost against Room12 
5. When I got into Drama Academy and got to be in production!

Emma  - This year I enjoyed the free response weeks which we did every term except term 4 because we were busy with production. I loved having the chinchillas they were so cute and fluffy. Some funny things that happened were when Oscar had to stand outside the door and then Daniel opened the door and Oscar got hit in the head with it! Another was when Connor asked Miss Warren "what language do English people speak?" 

Sam - This year my class was interesting, awesome and amazing because the teacher is really cool. In class most of the kids are nice and I have made new friends. I liked doing the magazine this term. I can't wait
for next year for more fun with Miss Warren and the year 7s next year.

Nixon This year I have enjoyed making new friends and playing inter class sports but the highlight of the year would be playing nucumball and at least winning one game. I am going to miss my old friends, also known as yr8's in my class.

Charlotte This year I have enjoyed P.E it was cool when we had free time and we got a netball. I also liked the pool trip it was really awesome but it was hot. I really liked it when we won against room 2 in the interclas sports for nucomball. I liked the fun run with the cool costumes. Some people did like 15 laps but I only got 10 laps.

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