Sunday, December 11, 2011

More 2011 Reflections

Anna - This year was probably the most interesting year I've had, first I'll talk about term 1. When I first arrived at tawaint I looked around the class and saw the chinchilla's Cotton and Chocolate. A few weeks later Chocolate died and Cotton stayed with me for the holidays then Miss Warren (my teacher) said I should keep Cotton because she was happy, she now lives with me.
In term 2 we got introduced to the game of dodgeball..... lets just say I did'nt enjoy it at the most :) .In class once we've all done quite a lot of work we play a game of silent ball. Eventually we had the dodgeball tournament..... and we lost :(
In term 3 Mr Rickard and Mrs Stuart annonced in the hall that 16 people in the whole school have the chance to go to Japan. Then after weeks of waiting I finally got told that I was going to Japan that was definitely my highlight of the year.
In term 4 Nucombe ball was the main game we started playing and soon there was another tournament. It was great because we won the first game but then we lost and we also did production and our country was Turkey.

Oriana - Production: This year, term 4 we had a amazing and fun production called, The Silk Road. I was a 
Turkish dancer and i was also in poly club. I had a whole lot of fun, but dressing up really fast got quite annoying. The lights in my face was really bright but I enjoyed looking at the crowd. I really can't wait until the next Tawa Intermediate production, I wonder what it's going to be called.

Dahlia -  This year I have really enjoyed production because it has made me more confident in front of people. I have also enjoyed meeting new wonderful friends that will never be forgotten. I will never forget all these funny memories and all the dramas in class. All these memories they will always be cherished in my heart. The high light of the year for me would probably have to be having the best teacher ever. She is like a angel sent down from god. On the last day of school it will be very sad and hard to let go of all these people that I love.

Christian  - This year  I got a class merit because i was being kind to people and helping people that where stuck on things. It was a great year here at room 10, Kakapo syndicate with great teachers, who are very kind to the students but when they have to they will be serious and will be ready to teach. The Spec classes are really good the teachers there are very good at teaching. I mean I sucked at art and when I went to art spec I came out alot better.

Connor This year I have enjoyed inter class sport and p.e and especially making new friends. This year we only won one inter class sport and came second to last in the class of the year. The best inter class sport was the nucomball as we beat Rm2.
The hardest thing this year was algebra but was a good learning experience. Our class are really good friends and I will miss all of them. One of the most hard things this year was production as we had to practise everyday lately during p.e and it paid off and we looked great in the production.

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