Sunday, December 2, 2012

Camp 2012

We have just returned from camp and it was fantastic. From abseiling, white water rafting and caving to making fires and bivouacs to endless pranking we all had a brilliant time. Here are some of our best photos.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


In room 10 we have been investigating different aspects of sustainability.   We had to answer this question:
what happens to the rubbish we throw away?
We throw away our rubbish in bins, then our local council picks it up and throw it away but where is away? Away means buried in the rubbish tip and the ocean too. Some of the rubbish doesn’t rot it just stays there for years, even generations! This lump of rubbish is like poison to our environment because of its gas. The gas is full of chemicals which is very harmful for us and our earth, unless it is managed properly.
There are three main types of waste: household waste, industrial and demolition waste. If it keeps growing our kids won’t have a place to have fun, it will just be covered in trash! If we remember to reduce, reuse and recycle there will be less rubbish and there will be more things in the future like paper, plastic and glass (all these things can be recycled!). So please remember to reduce, reuse and recycle so that our earth can stay like this and still look beautiful for a long time.
For my sustainability project I was looking at how long it takes for different items to decompose and what happens on a landfill.

For my inquiry homework I looked at composting, recycling and rubbish. Did you know you can use any waste that is natural to make compost? Just keep it in a bin outside, turn it over every now and then and when it is broken down you can use it on a vegetable garden.  Glass, paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminum can all be recycled. They are sorted in different parts of New Zealand and some goes to China to be made into new products.  The average New Zealander produces a lot of rubbish, which is compacted at landfill. It is put into the ground and covered with topsoil. Another method of waste disposal is burning but the rubbish is only reduced by 70%. The remaining 30% ends up in landfill as toxic ash.
For my inquiry I investigated where fizzy pop bottles come from and where they go when they have been thrown away. I designed a life cycle showing the process.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The face is square with a load of pointy,yellow,old,cracked teeth and a very pointy tongue.The skin is green and old . It's skin has strange shapes in it.The eyes are bloodshot with bright red veins,both eyes are bruised,the left eye is bruised a lot and the other is bruised just a bit.

Our bug can only eat white truffle's,which are really rare,if he dosen't eat for a week he falls into a deep deep sleep for a month.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

More poems

My favourite person is me
I amas sweet as a pea
I like to swim in the sea
I have my veryown key
My favourite person is me
By Ciara
Ice Cream
Melts in my mouth
Goody goody gum drops
Is my favourite ice cream
By Maddy


We have been looking at rhythm and rhyme in poems. Here are some we have written:

My Cinquain
The rain
falls from the sky
as the storm thunders and
creeps through every window with a loud noise.

I have a person close to my heart
shes very sweet, as sweet as a tart
she makes me proud
standing away up in the cloud
even though shes special to me
and makes me feel like royalty
I miss her though so very much
she still with me
so close with a touch

I have a pet bear
and it really really cared
about where i went and where i go
and now i care about the bear.

Lego when I go to England I might go to Lego city.
I might get to build a shopping mall
with Lego people. 
I could get a big Lego box.

Emma's poem

My best friend is Katie
She likes funny songs
We both wear skinny jeans
and our favourite place is home
We are always happy
and like the colour blue
She likes spaghetti and I do to!

Ben's Poem

That cheese.... Stands in the way.... right infront of the sun... bright yellow glowing like a glowstick.
That cheese.....
My mother is so funny. Her hair is as soft as a baby bunny. She looks after me like how I look after her. I love her so much nothing could stop that love no not a single touch.......

Friday, August 31, 2012

This poem is about my mum
Her favourite person is me.
When I have a sore tum she turns it all numb
And makes me happy with glee!

By Miriama

There was a girl called Miriama
who liked to go to bowlarama
but when she bowled,
it landed in a hole
This was a girl called Miriama

By Madeline


There was a boy named Kieran
he had a friend called Cameron
his favourite word is go
he loves to play lego
his got his name from his uncle kieran

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


These past few weeks have been great and today i'm talking about  poetry. We have been learning language features and i'm going to tell you about them.
  1. Metaphor : Example,The kight was as brave as a lion.
  2. Simile : Example,You have either a as or a like: Bolt was as fast as a cheetah 
  3. Alliteration: Example,The animals ate ants in the afternoon
  4. Onamatapeoia: Example, Bam,Boom Ka-pow.
Thats all the ones I rememeber There is one more but I forgot it :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

This is a QR code about Sustainability

QR code to mathletics

This is a QR that I learnt how to make in the texperts academy.
You can scan it with your smartphone, ipad or ipod (if you have the app for it) it will take you to Mathletics, a world wide maths website.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Paragraph Writing

This week we have been practising writing paragraphs. A paragraph should have a main idea supported by interesting detail. It should be 3-5 sentences long. Here are some of our best ones.

Dodgeball is the best sport because it allows you to release your anger into the ball or to hit someone you hate. Also it makes your arms stronger and more flexible. The longer you play dodgeball it helps your accuracy and makes it easier to hit your target.

School uniform should be yellow because if you spill banana down your front, you can't see it. It is also a light colour so you would not get as hot in the summer. Finally, we will all look like bananas!

Dodgeball should be in the Olympics because it's fun, entertaining and of course awesome. I like dodgeball because you get to throw balls and also hit people in the head. I call that HPTH. The last thing I am going to talk about is that boys like to hit boys with stuff so it helps with their anger management.

Chocolate has the best flavour because it has a rich taste and makes a nice coat on chocolate bars such as Snickers. Chocolate is a favourite around the world and that's it!

Kakapo is the best syndicate because we work together and you can't get anywhere without teamwork. Also, sport is a big deal in Kakapo. We are currently in first place in the league, not because we are the best but because we practise and get on with it. One more reason is that we are really friendly.

Monday, July 30, 2012


My Free Response Week Video

Last week for Reading we did a free response week where we pick a text and we create a product showing our knowledge of the text, eg poster or speech. My text was about after images and light,
Click on the link below to have a look at it enjoy!

Miriamas Free response video

Friday, July 20, 2012

Inter-class tournament!

Ok, Guys!
In the inter-class tournament we are winning by 20 POINTS! That means we are finally beating Poukai! We came second in the nucomeball, not sure what we came in K.O and we have just started dodgeball tournament this week and unfortunately lost our first came against room 17...

Though we lost one game in the nucomeball tournament and still came second (of course!).

Our class is 6th out of the whole school which is a reeeaaaallly big improvment from last year where we came last in pretty much everything and only won one game in the whole year!

By Emma and Shania :)
Hello, everyone this term our topic is keeping ourselves safe from all types of abuse because sadly it happens  
but this topic is to make us aware of it and identify types of abuse. It is a sad but serious topic which none of us are taking lightly. Miss Warren read us a stories and we had to write down the best option to do for the current problem, eg: A boy was baby sitting and the baby is sick and he couldn't get hold of the parents 
the best option would be to call 111.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Diary Entry

November 1944: I'm just sitting in my filthy corner when suddenly I hear yelling through the wall and next thing you know the door was kicked open by police and Nazis. They grab me and my horrified family by our shirts and they send us to a courtyard filled with scared Jewish people into two separate lines. One heading towards a building and the other line getting on to either a train or a truck. My parents get sent towards the building and I and my 6 year old brother are getting put on a carriage with four other people. We woke up at a concentration camp where we were working hard, slept in barn yards and had very little food and water and now I wonder what is next in my journey of life.           THE END              By Kotuku

Diary Writing

We have been studying diary writing in class by reading about Anne Frank. This is Troy's diary as he imagines he is in her position.

Dear Diary

Today it is very scary because every footstep might be a Nazi with a gun and a knife on the end. All I hear is gun fire and people talking. People I don't know are coming up to me. I would not like to be captured by the Nazis because I will be sent to a concentration camp or prison. I wish I could stay in the house but I might get caught one day. Gun fire, tanks and then foot steps ...

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Homework-Miss Warren

This year I am in room 10 and my teacher is Miss Warren she is the nicest teacher at Tawa intermediate to me because she lets us play games like duster , fruit salad etc.shes also nice because she makes learning fun like instead of doing boring old worksheets we do research on the computers and she lets us choice between things like either doing mathletics or doing your workbook and she asked us to make a way so it we would all get a turn and that was obvious split the class in half and swap around half way through the block.:D!

Monday, May 28, 2012

This year

This year has been a very good year we have been doing different kinds of stuff like we have had some inter class sports like Nucomeball,k-o and this term we have just finished doing cross country.This year it has been a very fast year even for us year 7's to me it just seems like yesterday we started school.We are also in these classes that are called spec classes.I love beaning in the class that I am in.The class that i am in is the wonderful room 10

From Eileen Vowles

Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Class Room

Wow I really like my class because the students and my teacher are so awesome. In my class we have fun when we learn because we get to express ourselves and my teacher doesn't make us do things we don't want to do but when it comes to any subjects or PE then we really don't have a choice but I like the subjects we do because my teacher gives us interesting things to do so that we don't get a little bord. When we do our homework properly then every four weeks we get a deliciouse chocolate fountain yummy. Well that a bit about my class I hope you like it thanks.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Quality World!

Hi again rm 10 fans! :)

I'm going to tell you about the project we started working on, on Friday. On Friday we started on a project called 'My Quality World' we all got a biggish piece if paper/card and we had to draw 4 circles 1 around another each one bigger than the last. In the smallest circle we wrote either 'Me' our name or put a picture in the circle (of our selves obviously). In the second circle we wrote/drew what we are like... Naturally good at like art, reading, you get the idea. In the third circle we wrote/drew/are bringing in pictures of our family/pets, our hobbies and other stuff like that basically things that we are good at because we try in them and yeah. The finally in the fourth circle we put where we want to be in 15 years so we put like, what job we think we might have or want to have, if we think we might be married and/or have children and yeah where we might be living you get the idea. So yeah that's what we started working on on Friday! :) By Emma :P

Friday, May 25, 2012

adopt your own virtual pet!


As part of our Citizenship Unit we are looking at what makes up our Quality World. Here is Shania talking about hers.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Homework task

Hi, my name is Jordan and I'm a year 7 I like Tawa intermediate because of the teachers (
especially miss warren because we get to play about 3 games per block mostly silent ball but I also like her because she is nice and teaches me new things like the magic squares and also taught me how to behave (just kidding) . I love Tawa intermediate and YOU SHOULD TOO! :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Why Boys shouldn't be allowed to play Dodgeball

I think Boys shouldn't be allowed to play dodgeball because they throw too hard and girls and other boys could get badly hurt, and I don't think parents want there kids to come home and they find that their child has a black eye, or a BIG bruise!

Also if you are in room 10 you  know how annoying this is, but it is really annoying when the boys pretty much aaalways want to play DODGEBALL.
Plus something could get broken e.g. windows.

That is why I think Boys shouldn't be allowed to play dodgeball!

By Emma :)

Why we shouldn't play class games

We shouldn't play games because we sometimes don't deserve it and if we don't do any work.Someone might get hit on the head or lose some teeth and start crying .Class games are really dangerous because the balls are hard and could be cursed and do a hard throw when it's a soft throw and K.O you.Games don't help you learn and you might lose and get angry.

We should spend our whole day learning about stuff ,stuff and more stuff and not play any games.If  you do a REALLY bad throw you might blow up the class room.

Arguing against/We should not play rugby in New Zealand

We should play rugby in NZ because maybe some kids don't like playing soccor and just want to tackle and play hard .NZ is not the world champion for nothing .Picture this people who don't like playing soccor being lazy and people protesting and the government saying  no every time . Then one day rugby is allowed and the protesting stops and everyone is happy and now more than half of nz likes or play rugby

Teachers should always be nice.

Well I think that Teachers should be much, much nicer because who wants a mean and grouchy teacher?
I sure dont.

If I had a mean, teacher that forced me to do things that I don't want to do, I wouldn't want her as my teacher ever again. Why? why? teachers can't you see we're sad and suffering from all the hard work you give us. Can't you see that your not the only ones that get fustrated from all the hard work and and hassling. You   all should be nicer because if your nice to us then we'll be nicer to you so think about it. That's why teachers should be much nicer.

Chocolate should be banned

I think chocolate should be banned because even though it is absolutely delicious it is also very bad for you. Chocolate can ruin your teeth if you eat too much of it. It is also very unhealthy and has lots of sugar in it. Chocolate can make you feel sick.

If kids it to much chocolate they could go crazy and not sleep at night. There are lots of other things that could replace chocolate such as fruit because fruit is alot healthier than chocolate.

computers should not be allowed in school

computers should not be allowed in school because they are to easy for you,like if you dont want to write and you want to go on the computer,you wont learn.Aand also if computers are in school,students might steal some,or do things that they are not supposed too.The worst fact is when the students take it and hide the computers and hack into other people's gmail accounts and spam,so thant qhy we should not allow computers in our school.

Computers Should Not Be Allowed At Schools!

I think computers should not be allowed in school.
Because some people will play violent games, watch porn even do very inappropriate stuff.
Adults just watch TV on demand and go on YouTube.
Paedos might be watching you and then one mistake and the next day.
BOOM! Your being kidnapped by  Paedo.
And that's why you should not have computers at school.
We Should Only Drink Coffee

We should all drink coffee because coffee has milk in it and milk is good for you. Coffee gives you lots of engey to do lots of exciting things, you could'nt do if you did'nt drink coffee. Coffee has beans in it, coffee beans have lots of vitamin in them. I don't see why you would'nt what to drink it all the time.Coffee is just the most wondful thing in the world.
Coffee should be banned in NZ.

Coffee should be banned in NZ right now because it is the number one most disgusting drink in the world because it takes like puke and looks like wet mud. Coffee is also a drug and drugs can stun your growth and can be highly addictive.

If your not going to ban it from NZ then ban it from the kids of NZ. It could become like smoking and people could start drinking it to look cool and impress people but really they will be ruining their lives with a drink.

As nice as coffee may be you have to think of the effects it has. Like stunning your growth and keeping you awake can be useful sometimes bu now when your kids are drinking it at 1 in the morning and bouncing around the house.

I ask you for the good of NZ will you ban coffee for good or from our kids the future of running the world?


Girls should be punished for giggling because they giggle in random situations like when your doing a maths worksheet and your just about to write you answer and then "he  he he " they distract you and you forget your answer it's so flippen annoying.The girls that giggle in my class are Emma,Nikisha,Shania and Madeline.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The chocolate fountain

This term we have had this thing called a chocolate fountain. It is just like a fountain but the fun thing with it is that it has chocolate coming down it. Is so cool and the best part is that you can just dip anything in it well not anything just like fruit marshmallows. It even  taste good with icecream thats if you bring a cup it taste so nice. We all had a nice day when the chocolate fountain came it just looked good to see it again this would've been my third time having it.The funnest thing was that when we first saw it in the class Melina just went w.o.w look every body it's the real chocolate fountain then she went first and she just went for a marshmallow and then she diped it in and she put it in her mouth then Melina just said that it was so nice.

The Tournaments

This term we had some Tournaments like Nucombe Ball and KO.

Firstly Nucombe Ball was pretty cool and it was fun, it was challenging we won all of our games, but lost our firstgame which was against the champions of Nucombe Ball from last year. Also which was good was that we made it to the semi finals and we vs Rm 6. We wom yyyayyy... So then it was upto the finals vs Rm 12 which means that Rm 12 beat Rm 14 the chamions of last year. Also we had to vs Rm12 which was pretty challenging and we tried our best. So we came 2nd and we have the new champions..

Also we have just been playing KO which hopefully win..

About our chocolate fountain

This term we had a chocolate fountain I couldn't wait because I haven't seen a chocolate fountain in my life when we were planing to have our chocolate fountain we had to bring chocolate or marshmallow when we had the chocolate fountain we were like going around a merry-go-round it was nice I'd injoyed it. I loved the marshmallow because it was warm and hot and it had marshmallow on it.

Have a great holiday

Reflections this year

Every week room 10 logins into our website and into mahara, mahara is a online protfolio for all your eletronic work.At the start of the term we set up our learning overview where miss warren can view all our work and add a journal entry to reflect on our week. Writing about our learning goals, challenges and acomplishes. Miss Warren will feedback on it leaving a comment for us to view and improve


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Last week of term...

Hi room 10 fans ;P,
Last week on Friday as you might have already seen we had a syndicate trip to Ngati Toa domain, it was fun.
This week we have been having a class comp and it is really fun.Our teams are year and gender groups we get points by winning games and quizzes and answering questions correctly. Tomorrow is the last day of term which I'm kinda looking forward to cause I get to see one of my best friends! Have a happy holiday!

Emma, room 10 

A great term at Tawa Intermediate

Wow what a great term I've had at Tawa Intermediate. I can't wait till we start school next term so I can come back and have another great year at Tawa Intermediate. This year in my class, which is room 10, I've had a lot of fun like on week 8 we had a yummy chocolate fountain. Everyone bought chocolate or marshmallows: delicious and also my teacher is amazing and super nice. I have had a lot of fun and I hope we have as much fun and learning as we did this term. Last week on Friday we went on a trip to Ngati Toa Domain we played game and had a water ballon fight Yay! I can't wait to come back next term and I hope that everyone has a safe, fun and happy holiday.
BY: Shirley

Syndicate Trip to Ngati Toa

Last Friday our syndicate went to Ngati Toa Domain for a school trip. We went on the trip for citizenship. We played loads of games in teams to improve our team work like: KO, Force back, Gladiators and a water ballon fight.We also had a lot of free time where we could do what ever we wanted to do like: playing with the P.E equipment, hitting each other with noodles, playing catch, rugby and soccer. I had so much fun on the trip. It was really cool.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Free Response

Ever term we do this thing called free response, what we have to do is chose a text and make it more interesting by doing things like, comic stips, games, quizzes and anything but posters because that's to boring and easy. Today we did a vote for the best one and they were Ty and Christan.
In my opinion Free Response is the best learning activity at school.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

This week we went to Ngati Toa Domain for a syndicate team building day. The weather was beautiful, the kids fantastic and the games fun. Here are some of our pictures.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

About Room 10 By Ben

Room 10 is a cool class because (I can name tons of reasons why but I'm just going to say some) we can get our work done and get games while having fun. Miss Warren thinks of cool ways for us to learn about new things. Miss Warren is a lot of fun, she's cool, nice and just awesome. Most people in our class are nice and good but we argue a lot during games.

Being in Rm 10

This year I'm still in the same classroom as last year, But that's a good thing I also have the same teacher, Miss Warren so lets just say nothing much has changed for me this year. I found that I am much taller than some of the yr 7's, it feels weird that I'm a yr 8 for some reason. I'm very excited for this year because of camp, it gives all of us a chance to bond as a class! I'm not so excited about the part when we climb the mountain..... oh well more exercise!!!!


As a class we have made a city this year called paradise.In our class we have made money and a class list for what we can buy with our money.Due to the expensive price list nobody has paid for the list making Miss Warren our second supreme leader (next to Nixon) is bankrupt and the city may have to shut down. Paradisewill have to be shut down in 48 hours if our second supreme leader does not get enough money to sustain how country. Our country is also part of the olympics and we are winning by and amazing lead 1 point then in second is Rom 11 then Room 12.


Paradise is a tropical island that we made up for our topic citizenship.We have our own currency called "Nollars" we get fined fined if we are disrespectful to Miss Warren or to people in our class you have to pay one "Nollar". If you want a game of dodge-ball it's twenty ''Nollars'' per person but there has to be at least twenty people in a whole lunch time game. We have cites and in the city it has mayors and they make important decisions. We have 7 cites in paradise. If you follow the norms or Miss Warren sees you helping others, being a good sport, using positive language in the class and outside the class and if you help you with a job she will give you a "Nollar".

By Shirley and Madeline.

Monday, March 5, 2012

So far... Emma

So far this year has been fun. I am in texperts academy run by Miss Warren and have tried out for Photography club. Our class is a city called Paradise and we have 7 cities I am in Avalon with Shania, Zac and Troy. Our currency is Nollors. That is what we have been diong really as well as spelling, reading and maths.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Welcome to 2012. I have my lovely Year 7 students back as big Year 8s and a whole new bunch of Year 7s. So far we have been thinking a lot about how we want to be treated and how our class is going to work. Here are some of our ideas. Keep checking back in with us to see how we get on.

Miss W