Wednesday, March 21, 2012

About Room 10 By Ben

Room 10 is a cool class because (I can name tons of reasons why but I'm just going to say some) we can get our work done and get games while having fun. Miss Warren thinks of cool ways for us to learn about new things. Miss Warren is a lot of fun, she's cool, nice and just awesome. Most people in our class are nice and good but we argue a lot during games.

Being in Rm 10

This year I'm still in the same classroom as last year, But that's a good thing I also have the same teacher, Miss Warren so lets just say nothing much has changed for me this year. I found that I am much taller than some of the yr 7's, it feels weird that I'm a yr 8 for some reason. I'm very excited for this year because of camp, it gives all of us a chance to bond as a class! I'm not so excited about the part when we climb the mountain..... oh well more exercise!!!!


As a class we have made a city this year called paradise.In our class we have made money and a class list for what we can buy with our money.Due to the expensive price list nobody has paid for the list making Miss Warren our second supreme leader (next to Nixon) is bankrupt and the city may have to shut down. Paradisewill have to be shut down in 48 hours if our second supreme leader does not get enough money to sustain how country. Our country is also part of the olympics and we are winning by and amazing lead 1 point then in second is Rom 11 then Room 12.


Paradise is a tropical island that we made up for our topic citizenship.We have our own currency called "Nollars" we get fined fined if we are disrespectful to Miss Warren or to people in our class you have to pay one "Nollar". If you want a game of dodge-ball it's twenty ''Nollars'' per person but there has to be at least twenty people in a whole lunch time game. We have cites and in the city it has mayors and they make important decisions. We have 7 cites in paradise. If you follow the norms or Miss Warren sees you helping others, being a good sport, using positive language in the class and outside the class and if you help you with a job she will give you a "Nollar".

By Shirley and Madeline.

Monday, March 5, 2012

So far... Emma

So far this year has been fun. I am in texperts academy run by Miss Warren and have tried out for Photography club. Our class is a city called Paradise and we have 7 cities I am in Avalon with Shania, Zac and Troy. Our currency is Nollors. That is what we have been diong really as well as spelling, reading and maths.